Thursday, 15 August 2013


Jenoris_Curls_Cream (2)

I would kill for gorgeous loose curls - the kind of which I've tried to achieve and never quite managed. My hair is naturally wavy/curly and yet it only ever dries frizzy unless a lot of product is used.

Now, let me get a few things out the way. This Jenoris Professional Curls Cream smells absolutely divine - like fruits and all things sweet. It's also baby blue in colour. The colour came as a complete surprise to me purely because I'm used to seeing products like this come in clear or white. I like it though, it makes the whole process of using it just that little bit more fun. The colour doesn't transfer to hair either so no strange streaks can be seen. It's thick but a small amount, rubbed between my palms before smoothed onto my hair, does all of my mid-section to ends without a problem so I can see one sachet of this lasting a long time (value for money is never far from my mind). This can be used in either damp or dry hair and although I've used it on both, I much prefer using it on damp hair, before leaving it to dry naturally. There's no chemicals involved either which means no damage to my hair and the pistachio and borage oils combine to nourish and moisturise.

When using this I end up with very natural looking curls - some tight and some loose - which look really natural and, most importantly, feel soft. There's no crispy product feeling here and that's a massive bonus.

I can't see this working very well on naturally poker straight hair in all honesty but I do think if you already have natural waves and curls you should definitely look into trying this. I like it a lot.

Jenoris Professional Curls Cream 500ml £20.00. All Jenoris products are available to purchase from the Jenoris Website. You can find all information on Jenoris products on the Jenoris Website. You can also follow Jenoris on Twitter and Facebook for news, product launches/information and competitions. 

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  1. I haven't got a chance to try my sample of this out yet but from your review this sounds like exactly the thing I'm looking for now! *Runs off to try out on hair* xx

    1. Let me know what you think of it :) xxx


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