Thursday, 1 August 2013


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I've been trying very hard to restrain myself from making impulse purchases lately but when I saw these Cowshed Moody Cow Balancing Travel Candles in the Cowshed store ( just off Carnaby Street, London) I simply couldn't resist.

Candles are an obsession of mine. I love them. I decorate my house with them. They're an expense and a luxury for me though and so I consider them a real treat when I buy higher-end ones. I usually end up buying wax tarts for my tart burner in my living room - I did a post on my latest Yankee Candle Tart haul here - but nothing quite compares to the simple tranquility of a proper candle burning in the background when I'm relaxing after a hectic day.

It was the Sunday of the #julylondonmeetup weekend and I was sat with Clare and Natalie outside of the MAC Pro store, resting our feet and shoulders (we were carrying all of our luggage with us and it was, quite frankly, exhausting) when I noticed that Cowshed were a stone's throw away and there was a small 'Sale' sign peeping through the window. Ahem, like I can ignore the word 'Sale' - I wouldn't be a blogger if I could. So, I left my stuff with the girls and wandered in. I've always lusted after Cowshed products - there's just something about them that's always appealed to me. They're a completely British brand that started up in 1998 and have been steadily growing in success ever since. They offer a range of products, from bath and body through to maternity and baby. I've never had the opportunity to try any though and as there's nowhere in the vicinity that I live that stocks Cowshed I've never had the opportunity to have a look at anything up close.

I was instantly drawn to the candles. I have enough body washes, lotions and potions to last me for the time being and so I started to smell the candles on offer. There were several travels sets in the sale. Without thinking too hard about it I picked up the 'Moody Cow' set and took it to the till. I'm famed for being the 'moody cow' with my family and friends so I guess it's fitting.

With rose geranium (to relax), linden blossom (to free the mind) and frankincense (to soothe and calm) these candles smell incredible. They're heavily scented too which means one small little votive from the set fills the entire ground floor of my house. Even when they're not burning the scent is powerful.

There are four small votives per set which is great value for money. They all a beautiful white glass pot, with a little Cowshed design on each, which is filled with 100% natural wax which are synthetics free and certified vegan. The candles each last 10 hours when burnt which is actually brilliant for a votive of this size (usually I can get 6 hours maximum out a similar weighted candle). 

I'm thrilled with these candles - genuinely, I wish I'd picked up more than I did. I think that they're the best treat I've given myself in a long time. And if I wasn't treating myself? I know plenty of women that would adore these as a gift.

I looked online and couldn't find the same set on sale. I'm guessing that they were a store exclusive or something similar. The Cowshed 'Moody Cow' Balancing Travel Set was originally £22.00 reduced to £13.60 which is why I snapped them up. They're £22.00 on the Cowshed website. Prices may vary if bought from other stockists. You can follow Cowshed on Twitter and Facebook for news, new product launches and competitions. 


  1. Love CowShed products, I always giggle at the names. I am yet to try the candles, but like you I am obsessed xx


  2. Love the sound of these - I'm a moody cow, so they should be right up my street, haha. At times, anyway. I've never heard of CowShed, will have to check them out.
    Mel xx


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