Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Tresemme is a brand that has never really floated my boat. They're raved about by some bloggers and other bloggers completely avoid them. I always sat on the fence. I've tried a couple of their products before but never really found anything that I thought was ah-mazing.

I picked up these shots after seeing them on offer at work (there is a pattern occurring with my spending habits at the moment, anyone noticed?) at an introductory price. A few customers were buying them and I thought 'Heck - why not?' I love hair care products and am always on the quest to find that one brand that will transform me from frizzy awfulness into sleek and shiny. The other problem with my hair is that I've damaged it with dyes and heat for so many years that I suffer from a lot of split ends and breakage. 

The Tresemme Platinum Strength Collection boasts the ability to restore hair's natural strength. It promises to visibly repair - wait for it - TWO YEARS worth of damage. Sounds like a miracle range, right?

I bought four shots because I judged by the tiny 15ml that it wouldn't cover my thick hair and I was right. I had to use two shots to cover just half of my head. I used my first shots in the shower and did indeed leave it on for the 60 seconds it says it works in. It's not a particularly thick consistency and it smells akin to the Aussie range - albeit slightly more subtle. I dried and styled my hair as usual. I didn't really see or feel much of a difference in complete honesty and the two years worth of damage that was supposed to have been repaired? Still there and now gloating 'You tried - You failed - only a severe chop can get rid of us mwahahaha'. Anyone else's hair talk? Just me? OK then.

I used the next two shots the week afterwards and this time I left them on for a lot longer - about an hour. I'm well known for forgetting I have a hair masque on when I get out of the shower. This time the results were a little more promising.

My hair, after the usual assault of styling, was left feeling a lot more soft and there was a visible shine. The ends didn't look quite so frazzled which was also a plus. 

It didn't feel any stronger and again, two years worth of damage had not magically disappeared but the results were pleasing - even for someone as hard to please as me. Would I buy them again? Not at full price - no. Unfortunately I think these products are the type that have to be used repeatedly over a long time to really show any difference, which is great if you really like the product and don't mind spending on something like this, but I think I will stick to the brands I know I trust to make my hair the best it can be over a shorter period. Saying this they're a good way of testing out something from this much lauded range and just because I didn't think they were worth the hype doesn't necessarily mean you won't be bothered by them either. Try them and see for yourself whilst I get comfy sitting on this here fence.

Tresemme Platinum Strength products are available from various retailers where prices may vary dependent on offers etc. RRP: £1.49 each.

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