Thursday, 18 April 2013


hey its ok

To be embarrassed of your boyfriend's dancing. Only old men at weddings dance like that.

To watch Big Rich Texas purely because you love Texan accents.

To be annoyed when the Americans try to do British accents and make us all sound really posh and snobby.

To wish your were a cat some days and just sleep and sleep and sleep...

To look at other blogs and slightly die inside of jealously at how sweet/pretty/well lit the photography is.

To light candles and pretend it's a romantic night even when your boyfriend is snoring open-mouthed on the sofa next to you.

To eat far too many mini-eggs than is humanly possible just to try and savor the taste until next Easter.

To baffle people with the most random of facts and quotes when you know they won't actually understand them.

To maintain the philosophy that if your colleagues have to look up what your insults mean then they can't haul you into the HR office for bullying any time soon.

To keep mooching about in front of the mirror and slapping that bit of a belly and then going and eating a slice of cake because, you know... the diet can always start tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Ha, love these. Number 3 really annoys me too, especially as whenever they have a British character in one of their programmes or films, they make a point of making them stuck up and up-tight.
    Wouldn't it be nice to be a cat!? If we lie around all day then someone calls us lazy, but for them it's just the norm. I have to wonder if it might be a bit boring though!?
    Mel xx


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