Tuesday, 2 April 2013



Recently I had the great pleasure of being invited down to Selfridges Birmingham to participate in a meetup with some other lovely bloggers and indulge in a night learning about the famous French brand Lancome. 

The always gorgeous Gemma organised the whole thing and it was a fabulous evening. The night was based predominately about what Lancome has to offer in terms of skincare. Although expensive you really are paying for what you get in terms of quality with this brand. I particularly fell head over heels in lust for the Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate which is a serum that goes onto the face and smooths, rejuvenates and brightens the complexion leaving the most radiant glow to the skin that shows through even under make-up. The beautiful Gemma was the model for the evening and was given a full Lancome cleanse by the very informative and lovely Lydia whilst we nibbled on Thorntons chocolate and cupcakes whilst sipping apple juice and sparkling water. 

It was a really relaxed occasion full of giggles and beauty chat which I really enjoyed. I did make a small purchase but I'll blog about that some other time.

Lancome was never a brand I'd really taken much notice of before that evening but now I will definitely sit up and show an obvious interest - as should you all in my opinion. If you're looking to invest in beauty then invest in your skin and choose Lancome every time. I certainly will be when I have a few more pennies to spend. 

And if you're ever in doubt about any of the products and passing by the Lancome in Selfridges Birmingham then make sure to ask for Lydia - she definitely knows her beauty products and will steer you in the right direction! Next time we're talking make-up and in particular eye-shadow palettes... Eep... EXCITING!
The amazing bloggers I attended with were:

Gemma - Button's Blog
Sophie - Sophie's Beautique
Clare - A Bit Of This And That
Amy - PYT
Jess - Spoilt Face

Please take a moment to check these great blogs out if you haven't already! Have you tried any Lancome products? Will you invest in your skin? 


  1. I look gosh darn attractive in that picture xx

  2. I adore the Lancome 24 Hr Foundation - its my fave and I have tried a lot of foundations. Its the only thing I really use from Lancome though, to be honest!

    Looks like you had a good fun! - the cakes look lovely!



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