Thursday, 4 April 2013


So I thought I would start a little series of just a couple of fun posts (I haven't decided if I'm going to make them weekly yet... Let me know what you think?) of 'Hey, It's OK...' lists - kind of like the article that Glamour magazine runs every month - but about a whole host of weird and wonderful things. I doubt these posts will have a certain theme to them but I just thought they'd be something a little different and interesting to do... So I'm rambling now so let's get on with it, shall we?


To admit that occasionally you really just don't have the motivation to do, well, anything.

To stay in your pyjamas all day if you're not going anywhere or seeing anyone.

To observe the 5 second rule when you drop your last Haribo on the floor.

To buy books purely because they make you look smart when they're on the bookcase but you have no intention of actually reading them.

To say that actually that super-hyped product that everyone is raving about on blogs and twitter is shite.

To buy make-up products that are pretty purely to decorate your dressing table with.

To lust after and 'save' for the Chanel handbag you've wanted for years but to never have any intention of actually taking it out of it's box once you do have it.

To skip your skincare ritual of serums and toners and blah blah blah once in a blue moon and just moisturize after cleansing instead - you've been really busy you know? Bed is calling.

To save all of the posh bags from places like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and then display them around the house so people who pop in can see where you shop... and hopefully be a little jealous.

To refer to yourself as 'Mummy' when baby-talking your pet.

To hide your most prized possessions whenever a toddler enters the vicinity in fear for their well-being.

To tell let your boyfriend ban you from ordering products off the internet and then order them anyway - if he wants a good looking girl on his arm he will have to accept that sometimes it comes with a price tag that would put food in an Ethiopian family's pantry for three years.

To say you're 'very ill' when someone catches you with un-brushed hair and no makeup in the corner shop when you've popped in for milk.


  1. :] this post made me giggle I do most of these xx

  2. "To hide your most prized possessions whenever a toddler enters the vicinity in fear for their well-being."
    I always do that !

  3. this is a great post, i always buy special pretty things to put on my dresser haha

  4. Love this post! :) Such a great idea, and brightens up your day a little bit! Thanks Helen, most of these are in fact quite true! xx :)

  5. Aha love this post! Especially the 'mummy' to your pet one! I so do that!

  6. Haha, loved this post! Especially the one about the haribo, we've all been there ;) xx

  7. Great post, really made me chuckle! It's especially okay to call yourself 'mummy' to pets, even though I hate my full name, I'm always using it to refer to myself when talking to my dog! xxx

  8. I've been using that last one for nearly a month this!


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