Saturday, 6 April 2013



When the lovely people at Skinetica contacted me to see if I would like to trial their Anti-Blemish solution I jumped at the chance. My skin is relatively clear most of the time but every now and then I am struck down with hormonal break-outs that plague my chin and, I feel, resemble a miniature Alps range. - a little like this:


So anyway, moving swiftly on...

Skinetica Anti Blemish solution has had several reviews floating about the blog-o-sphere lately and all of them have been glowing. I have nothing but praise to add as well. 

Lets take a moment to consider the packaging (which is standard in a review) and get it out of the way... because I personally feel like the packaging under-sells just how good this product is. It's a basic white bottle with a distinct blue and lime green theme that sits nicely in my cupboard and is easy to pick out from the crowd of other products in my bathroom. It has a flip cap which makes dispensing the product onto cotton pads easy and less messy than if it was a pump or a tub.

Firstly this solution, which has a water-like consistency, is applied to a cotton pad and then dabbed onto cleansed dry, un-moisturised skin. Then it's left to air-dry before all of my serums and moisturisers can be applied (I apply my eye cream during this time as it doesn't interfere with my chin area). It doesn't dry out my skin and leave it feeling taut, nor does it leave it feeling greasy or oily. 

When I first started using this product I had my usual sore spots in place and I applied the solution twice a day for four weeks. I saw an instant change in the appearance of my blemishes after two applications and they cleared after three days completely. I was in shock. Usually the glaring red-rawness of them takes at least a week to disappear. Because of poor diet and hormones my blemishes did reappear but they were instantly calmed within 24 hours. I'm not saying Skinetica is the answer to all acne related problems but it is the answer to mine and that's why I'm highly recommending them.

It slots easily into the skincare routine. It's so quick to absorb into my skin that it's maybe an extra 10 seconds at most before I can apply serum and moisturize.

In the spirit of investigation I accidentally-on-purpose squirted some of the solution onto a towel to see if it stains and, no, I can assure you, it doesn't. It's non-toxic as well which I did accidentally-by-accident found out when I wasn't paying attention one late evening (I was practically asleep at the sink when I was going though the skincare routine) and ended up putting some on my lips and licking them (I wouldn't advise that to be honest - it doesn't taste particularly appetizing).

I'm really impressed with this product and will definitely purchase when this current bottle runs out. Why? Because now my skin looks like this:


Skinetica Anti-Blemish solution is available from their website - RRP £9.99 for 100ml but you can request a sample size here if you want to try it out before you buy for only £1 (bargain).


  1. Great review! I love this too x

  2. I've been suffering from a pretty horrible breakout lately, and unfortunately this didn't do anything to help :( Neither did La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - it seems as though my skin and hair like to go against the grain. They're just so individual, they never like the products that work for everyone else! Haha.
    What has worked for me though, is the Nourish Skin Balance range - after two months of hiding my head in shame (I don't usually get breakouts other than the odd blemish so it was all new to me) that little lot plus the Antipodes Aura mask cleared it up in a couple of days, so highly impressed with those.
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Mel xx

  3. I won this in Shona's giveaway a week or so ago and I've been using it since yesterday I think! I'm hoping it works well for me like it has for you! ☺

  4. I love the mountain range pics! Have to give this stuff a try.


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