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MUA_Innocence_Trio_Eyeshadow_Palette (1)
MUA_Innocence_Trio_Eyeshadow_Palette (2)
MUA_Innocence_Trio_Eyeshadow_Palette (3)
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I've had this MUA Eyeshadow Trio in 'Innocence' since last October when Lisa from Lisa's Luxuries bought it for me my birthday. It's been hiding in my stash and it was only when I was looking for something else that I stumbled across it again.

MUA eyeshadows are, by a country mile, the most used in my stash. I have several palettes and single eyeshadows but this 'Innocence' trio is the only one of it's kind in my hoard. The packaging is reminiscent of the Bourjois Eyeshadow trios also available in drugstores but obviously MUA products are a lot cheaper. It's the older plastic black that MUA had peddled their products in for while. The eyeshadows are domed which does mean they get messy when used a lot as there can be a lot of fall out. They also come with one of those double ended applicator efforts but I use my own brushes as I find I can't manipulate the shadows properly otherwise.

The colours in this trio all compliment each other brilliantly by sticking to the neutrals end of the spectrum, contain some shimmer (although there are no massive glitter particles thankfully) and stay in place for a good length of time (all day if you use a primer). They blend together very well and work brilliantly for day and night looks. I personally love the chocolate brown and light shell colours. The taupe-beige is the only colour I'm a little wary of it but I assume that's because I'm not used to wearing those types of shades on my eyes. 

Are they dupes for anything? Having stalked the Temptalia swatches for MAC eyeshadows I would personally say that I think they could be very similar dupes for some of MAC's lesser known shades. 

The taupe-beige looks like a near competitor for 'Hazy Day' because of the slight green tinge. The chocolate brown looks like a near-perfect dupe for the MAC mineralize eyeshadow in 'Fireside' and the lightest of the three is strikingly similar to 'Femme-Fi'.

These trios are great value for money at only £2.50 each so I would recommend them as a definite budget beauty pick-me-up when you want to simply treat yourself or even to try something new. I'll definitely be purchasing some more of these in the future.

You can buy MUA products from Superdrug stores or from the MUA Store Online. Follow MUA on Twitter and Facebook for news, reviews and product information as well as new launches and competitions.


  1. This is one of my favourite eyeshadow sets! It's great for a neutral smokey eye and the shades are all so pigmented. MUA really are unbelievably bargainous :) xo

  2. I love my MUA trio, It's my go-to when I'm just heading out on a night out xxx

  3. I'm pretty sure I have a silver/grey/black coloured trio of one of these lurking in my stash somewhere but I think I'll dig it out as this one looks lovely- they're all so pigmented! :)


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