Sunday, 7 April 2013


DRESS - NEW LOOK - £19.99

I don't usually do OOTDs purely because I've always felt a little "unstylish" - I've never been a slave to trends and so I can't really compete when it comes to the fashion bloggers out there. Still, the sun is shining, I had 'I Could Be The One' by Avicii playing in the background and I thought 'What the hell?' Islay also tweeted me to say 'do an OOTD' so what more encouragement did I need? It was just a case of getting Dave to stop preening himself in the bathroom long enough to get him to take these pictures. Also it's a rare event that I wear a dress of any kind and today I'm attending a 70th birthday party that requires a more formal mode of dress than my trusty Topshop Jamie jeans. A maxi seemed like a good call considering it can be dressed up or down. I've kept the accessories to the bare minimum (a pair of pearl studs in my ears) purely because the feather print on this dress speaks for itself. The addition of the belted waist came from not wanting to button up the cardigan and look frumpy. I would have preferred a white belt but I couldn't find my beloved skinny one anywhere. I think I look good - I've recently dropped a stone in weight so hey, why not celebrate with a few more OOTDs in the future?


  1. Yay for OOTDs!! I love how maxi dresses look on other people and I love this one on you but all the ones I've tried in just look like a tent on me hahaha! I hope you have a good time at the party later too! Yay for loosing a stone too, woooo you look fab!!
    Oh and thank you for linking me! ☺

  2. Loooooking good! Cant wait for more of these, the dress looks gorgeous :) xo

  3. Such a gorgeous dress :)


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