Saturday, 27 April 2013



To eye up kid's clothes, think they're super cute and wish they came in adult sizes.

To notice that some people who pass your house always peer in through the window and so next time you catch them doing it you pull faces at them.

To not quite be happy with the lay out of the house, change it all round, decide it actually looked better the way it was and change it back to where to it was before. All before the boyfriend gets in from work.

To update your status on Facebook calling your dad a cretin and to be really annoyed when he 'likes' it.

To get bored of the 365 selfie challenge within a week - there's only so many times you can photograph your own face.

To love a good afternoon nana-nap.

To get bored of watching your boyfriend's films and deliberately turn into a movie critic to annoy him.

To get really upset when you see one of your pets pining for the other.

To kinda wish you could pull of luminous green lace bodycon dresses.

To want a tan but know you will just look kind of, well, dirty when you use faking products.


  1. I have friends that are so short and skinny they can fit in some sizes, and they're normally cheaper so it's very annoying haha x

  2. it makes me laugh how we both had such good intentions for the 365 selfie challenge but I think saying we lasted a week was quite generous, I think it was more like three days... hahaha! I love these posts! :)


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