Thursday, 11 April 2013



To lament the fact that TOWIE is not on all year round.

To run up the stairs a little faster when something in the dark downstairs creeks and startles you.

To make a mental checklist of the stuff you want to buy when you finish work - the boss can't see what you're thinking when you're not listening to whatever they're yabbering on about.

To dream of the colours of eyeshadows and lipsticks you would have if you owned your own makeup brand.

To be every so slightly wary of the mirrors in the fitting rooms of clothes stores.

To make cupcakes and then eat them all one by one and say you never got round to baking them when your boyfriend/mum/sister/friend asks if you have one for them to try.

To think that in Made In Chelsea nobody opens their mouths very wide to speak. In fact, do they open their mouths at all are they doing that ventriloquist thing?

To hate the new Rhianna collection for River Island.

To think it was Billie Jean that sang Billie Jean and not Michael Jackson.

To not understand what all of these beauty technical terms mean.

To try to find Goji Berries in the Supermarket and baffle Customer Services with your insistence on them 'needing' to stock it.

To film YouTube videos looking groomed and put together for the camera but to actually be wearing pyjama bottoms or trackies where the camera can't see.


  1. Aha I love the 'to hate the Rihanna for River Island Collection' !! It's not that great is it? xx

  2. I run up the stairs all the time, even in the light. I'm also particularly skilled at eating baked goods before anybody else even gets a sniff. And I was never wary of changing room mirrors... until now!

  3. Laughing at the cupcake one! x

  4. I love reading your "Hey its ok" posts !


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