Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Hydraluron is already well categroized on this blog as ‘amazing’. It really is a wonder serum and one I feel like I struggle to live without it (or at least my skin rebels and looks awful when I don’t use it). I’ve always wondered what the other serums from Indeed Labs are like though and decided to purchase this sampler set so that I could try the famous Nanoblur and see what Snoxin was all about at the same time. The little Hydraluron was simply a bonus for if I travel or run out before pay day.

As there’s no need to talk about the packaging (Indeed Labs always keep it clean and simple) let’s get straight onto the first review: Nanoblur. Now, I know this is a much loved product by many people. It’s purpose is to blur imperfections on the skin or on top of make-up. It’s clear with a sticky consistency but it’s particularly thick so a little goes a long way. I just can’t get on with it unfortunately. 

It’s alleged to minimise pores but when I used it through my T-Zone it just left the area feeling sticky and then when I tried to put liquid foundation over the top it just ended up looking streaky and messy – as though I hadn’t blended properly. I also attempted several ‘on top’ applications where I placed it over my foundation where some of the pigmentation from blemishes was still peeking through. Again, it just made a mess out of the base I’d applied and really disappointed me. I’ve tried several times to make it work and somehow it just won’t. If anyone has any tips of how to make it work then please let me know.

Snoxin, on the other hand, is a revelation. It claims it's 4 times better than other serums that cost $500 but I can't really say as I've never had the money or the inclination to try serums that are $500. I do really like it though.

Its fairly similar to Hydraluron in texture except it doesn't leave the skin feeling as tacky after it's applied. I apply it after I've applied my toner and eye creams and then add my night cream over the top. I've only ever used this product in the evening because I have Hydraluron for the mornings but I feel like I wouldn't be using too much if I wanted to use it twice a day. I haven't got that many fine lines and wrinkles so whilst I've been looking for signs of change in my face, the changes I've seen have only been slight. I think this would probably be working it's magic a lot more effectively on more mature skin but prevention is better than cure as the serum boasts the highest allowable amount of anti-ageing peptides possible. Perhaps this is the serum I'll be using in the future but for the moment, when this sample tube runs out, I probably won't repurchase it full size.

All in all the Sampler Set was a good item for me to try and I don't feel like I've wasted any money by purchasing it because it was interesting to try Nanoblur and Snoxin whilst having a mini version of Hydraluron for travelling with in the future.

If you think you'd benefit from trying a set like this, or feel like you want to explore more of what Indeed Labs have to offer, then I think you'd like picking this Sampler Set up. However, if you think you'd rather spend your money on a sure thing then don't bother. It's one of those sets that will never please everyone unfortunately.

Indeed Labs Set Of 3 Sampler Set (RRP £12.99) is available from Boots. For more information about Indeed Labs products visit their website. You can follow Indeed Labs on Twitter for news about the brand, information about their products and more.

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