Wednesday, 13 November 2013




To always justify what you eat with 'The diet starts tomorrow...' You've never specified which tomorrow.

To become agitated with the commercial for your place of work comes onto the TV. Leave me alone dammit - is it not enough I spend hours there or do you constantly have to remind me?

To buy the same statement necklace in two different metallics - who knows if it'll be a gold or a silver day?

To think fluffy ear-muffs were the greatest invention ever (especially in this weather).

To yell 'BRAIN FREEZE' when ice-cream creates an agonizing ache.

To spend £100 on clothes and then happily live off soup for the next two weeks. You look fabulous and that's enough in life.

To laugh so much you cry when it starts to rain and your sister screams because her fake tan is streaking. There's something to be said for being pale after all...

To threaten your boyfriend with Mean Girls if football becomes his No1 priority instead of taking you shopping.

To find out about all of the good TV programmes after everyone else. Right now it's Game Of Thrones... Sorry? Breaking Bad? What's that?

To bribe a small child with sweet treats even if it does mean you're sending her back to her mother as high as a kite on sugar.

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