Tuesday, 19 November 2013



I love statement accessories: earrings and necklaces and collars and bags... you get the picture. I've been going through a phase of really loving necklaces at the moment and it seems like every time I simply go into Primark for a browse I can't help but pick one up. They're such a great price and whilst the quality isn't always amazing, for one season they last well and perk up my outfit choices.

The first necklace I spotted was the ornate gold bib at the top of these images. Dave actually paid for it though as part of my birthday shopping gift. It was only £4 which I thought was ridiculously cheap when you consider that something similar would have an extra £20 on the price tag if I'd bought it from Topshop. It's quite weighty but looks amazing with practically everything. 

The brooch-stone necklace was something I saw in a magazine at first and thought 'I like that'. It was £5 which, considering one of the smaller stones has fallen out of it already, was perhaps a little pricey if it's going to fall apart easily but I've been wearing it with grey and black tops to just give them a little more sparkle. Whilst it's super-dressy it really compliments a super casual outfit.

When I saw the gold tri-band bib necklace I knew it was something I would be able to throw over everything so I bought it in silver too just because I liked it so much. They were £3 each which is really cheap and I like how they're really plain so you can literally just throw them on and instantly look like you've made a little bit of an effort without over doing it.

The gold band with the textured chain was a complete impulse purchase that I bought with Clare when I was in Birmingham. She bought one too. I think it looks really smart with a crisp white shirt or just peeking through under a collar (I'm not one for wearing my jewellery over the top of my shirts). It was £3.

Have you picked up an statement necklaces lately?


  1. Wow I need to get down to primark asap :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Haha the jewellery section is on fire at the moment! xxx

  2. Oh wow! These are so pretty!

    Shame about the quality and price of the jewelled one though :( But I have noticed Primark have got a little more pricey lately!

    Laura x

    1. Definitely a shame but I still really like it! I've noticed that too - they seem to be capitalizing on their popularity for being 'affordable' at the moment! xxx

  3. How lovely are they! You wouldn't think they where fro Primark either.. Gorgeous! xx

    Claire does beauty

  4. These necklaces look gorgeous! I do love a statement piece!

    Fatbeautyx // Enter My 100 Followers Giveaway!

    1. I love them so much! I'm exactly the same! Thanks for commenting! xxx

  5. wow! it doesn't look like it's from primark! I love the top gold one! would look lovely against a navy jumper!

    1. Oooh I shall definitely try it against navy - I never thought about that! Thanks for the idea :) xxx

  6. I love Primark necklaces, I always seem to pick up a new one or two when I'm there! I really like the leaf style one, hope they do it in silver! xx


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