Wednesday, 20 November 2013




To wish it would either just snow or be sunny. This rainy drizzle shizzle is just useless.

To skip ironing your shirt when you know you'll have a cardigan or jacket over the top of it to hide the creases.

To set yourself a time limit for procrastinating on Twitter and then pretend you didn't realise 'that was the time' when, secretly, you did.

To believe rules were made to be broken. Apart from style rules. No one looks good wearing a crop top when it's -1C outside.

To love that top you bought on a whim recently so much you feel compelled to go back and get it in every single colour.

To take the thinking out of ordering food and drink by saying 'I'll have what she's having' to everything.

To promise yourself you'll wean yourself off coffee and then get sucked in by the fancy packaging of the offer in the supermarket.

To play your music really loudly on the train in the hopes that the people having the over-loud conversation are drowned out. 

To have not have read the latest 'buzz' book purely because you get the feeling it'll be rather over-hyped.

To take to Instagram when you're not sure which dress to buy. It's like having a public vote at your own personal disposal.

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