Saturday, 3 November 2012


These Total Acai Berry supplements were part of the She Said Beauty samples that I received in last month's box. These were very exciting for me - I have a keen interest in 'Super Foods' and, as Acai Berry is classed an 'the ultimate antioxidant' by some dieticians, I ripped them open straight away in the hopes that I would experience something very special.

Well, I got ahead of myself a little bit. In fact, I got ahead of myself a lot. There was no real change to the way that I felt about myself or the way my body felt for at least two weeks. And then this happened:

That's right - my hormones went mental and I went from clear skinned to completely pimple-struck in less than a couple of days. I wasn't even due 'that time of the month' so there could be only one reason for this out-break: the Acai Berry supplements.

I carried on taking them anyway in the hopes that these spots would clear up. They didn't. Not for at least a week. I was devastated (and got through a lot of concealer). They did clear up eventually and I haven't had any since. I like to think these were the antioxidants working their magic on my skin.

They're quite big capsules to swallow so anyone that doesn't like tablets would probably struggle to take these. I'm not sure if I would repurchase these after what happened with my skin but with all of the extra benefits to these supplements - the anti-aging properties and the fact that they fight free radicals within the body's cells to help prevent nasties such as Cancer - maybe the spots are worth it, after all?

MyVitamins Total Acai Berry Capsules are available from the MyVitamins website for £2.99 (30 capsules).

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