Monday, 5 November 2012


This was another Glossybox sample that I was rather pleased to find in last month's box. For starters it's another full size sample.

The rather offensively-jokey packaging reads 'Think of your body as the kitchen floor. Sometimes it needs more than a good clean, it needs a damn good scrubbing. Use this pink grapefruit exfoliator and go to work on your skin. Come on, more elbow grease is required here. Look, now you've missed a bit. Know what? You would make a terrible domestic help.' I think it's fun looking - the pink and the yellow being a nice contrast. I've certainly never been criticized by a product before anyway.

The product itself is a thin shower-gel like formula that contains small exfoliating granules. It does smell very much like pink grapefruit. The scent is fairly strong in fact. It lathers up really well and exfoliates gently. It does require some 'elbow grease' to get the really dry bits slicked of all the dead skin cells - but at least it comes with a warning on the tube!

Would I recommend it? For a RRP of £3.49 I think it's a bargain. I think it's a great product for the price but the price does reflect the quality sadly. I think you're paying for what you get this and that there are better exfoliators on the market. Soap and Glory do some brilliant scrubs for example.

I know that Anatomicals products are available from supermarkets as well as their online store. Give it a try - for the price it would be rude not to really...

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