Thursday, 8 November 2012


Red lips are classic. They say high-maintenance, high-glamour and sexy-as-hell. Everyone's red lip is individual. Some paler ladies prefer the blue toned deep red opposed to the more orangy-coral reds that flatter tans more. Some prefer a matte finish to a sheer - whilst others plump simply for a stain or slick of balm to give a hint of that 'just bitten' look. Cherry, Brick, Russian, Scarlet, Vermilion,  Post-Box, Ferrari - there are so many reds to choose from that I couldn't possibly list them all. They're all beautiful but this post is about my perfect red lip. And I love a red-lip - I really do!

Above is the video of me talking about how I apply my red lip and keep it looking it's best over the longevity of wearing it.

The products I talked about and used were:

A lip scrub - I've used Lush Lip Scrub in 'Sweet Lips' - £5.25 here
A good moisturiser - I've used the Balance Me Rose Otto Lip Salve - £12.00 here
Lip Pencil - I've used the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Pencil in 'Red Rush' - £4.99 here
Lipstick - I've used Rimmel Kate Lasting Matte Finish in Shade 111 'Kiss Of Life' - £5.49 here
Lipcote - I've used Original Lipcote - £3.69 here

Do you have a perfect way of doing a perfect red lip?


  1. Can't beat the classic red lip!


  2. That is indeed a perfect red !!

  3. I loved this post and the video is perfect hunni :) The red lip is definately a look that will never date


    1. Thank you very much - definitely agree with this that the red lip will never date! xxx

  4. Love the vid - envious that you can get lipcote to work for you, it just flakes on me and looks terrible. Would love to see you do a similar tutorial for nude lips :) x

    1. That's such a shame that it doesn't work! Ooh I will definitely look into it! Thank you for the suggestion! xxx


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