Saturday, 3 November 2012


This 3-Step Mini Kit came in my last Glossybox. I was rather surprised with this sample because it's a £12.00 full size sample and I am used to some horrendous samples in these boxes.

The Kit consists of three products: a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. They're very good size products that would be excellent for travelling with. The packaging of the products is white except for some brightly coloured logos. 

CLEAN START STEP ONE 'WASH OFF' CLEANSER: This comes out of the tub as a clear liquid that smells lightly of grapefruit. It doesn't lather up amazingly well but it does leave my skin feeling clean - if a little tight after using it.

CLEAN START STEP TWO 'ALL OVER CLEAR' TONER: It's already on record that I think toners are unnecessary and I really didn't like this one at all. It stung and it smelt really strongly of alcohol. I have given this a wide berth since.

CLEAN START STEP THREE 'WELCOME MATTE SPF15' MOISTURISER: This moisturiser is a light formula that makes it perfect as a 'day' moisturiser but not so brilliant at night. It has a very subtle floral scent that I quite like. It does not, however, leave your skin matte after use. It left my skin looking shiny, even when it was sunk in properly. It softened my skin but I did end up with a couple of dry areas half way through the day.

It was a great sample box to try but I wouldn't purchase it myself. Dermalogica haven't really come up with anything new or exciting here. To see this product online please click here. RRP: £12.00.

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