Sunday, 4 November 2012


I think that it's fair to say that these are the blushes that started off my rather large blush collection. They're Estee Lauder Signature (blue packaging) and Pure Colour (gold packaging) blushes. Before that I only owned one or two and they never really got used.

Estee Lauder have always made amazing cosmetics and these blushes are no exception. I've owned these two for nigh on 12 months now and I reach for them often. They used to have the little blush brushes that come with the pans but I got rid of them almost instantly. They're both finely milled blushes with absolutely no product fall out from the pan or colour fallout on the skin. They're beautiful shades that can be used during any season and would probably suit most skin tones. I even use the nude to contour as it's the perfect colour for us pale-skinned ladies if we don't want anything as dark as a bronzer. 

The peachy colour is called 'Blushing Nude' and the pink is called 'Pink Kiss'.

Pure Colour Blushes: RRP: £24.00. I can't find the Signature blushes online but I think I bought mine for £20-ish from an Estee Lauder counter. 

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  1. Gorgeous, i love both shades, i love the packaging too. I really need to treat myself to some estee lauder!

    Sophierosehearts x


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