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I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share this post with you all. If you all can remember, I did a post that contained a letter to myself when I was 16 giving myself beauty advice. It was a lot of fun to write and I could have waffled on even more than I actually did but I finally whittled it down to ten main points.

After posting this I thought I would email some of the more popular and well known beauty bloggers on the net to ask them if they would do a similar thing? Pretty please? Well, I didn't do it right away. I had to pluck up the courage and dance about, bite my nails and re-word my emails so I didn't sound like a complete weirdo before finally pressing 'SEND'. After this I sat about worrying about what they would say in reply, if they would reply at all.

I have only had one reply so far.

I couldn't have been happier about it though! It made my day!

Jane from British Beauty Blogger emailed me back and said that she would love to do this for me!

I have already stated in a previous post that I adore British Beauty Blogger. I have been reading this blog daily now for some time. It always has the scoop on all things beauty before the magazines and most definitely before the sales assistants do! Jane is one of the most renowned and revered beauty bloggers in the country so for her to take the time out to do this for me I think is absolutely fantastic.

So after a couple more emails were exchanged she very wonderfully emailed me the following:

I was obsessed by beauty from a very young age; my dad worked in the fashion industry and met Estee Lauder at a dinner. She sent him some face products and a set of ten nail polishes and some lipsticks for my mother. I had never seen anything SO beautiful in all my life! My mum didn’t wear nail polish so they languished in pristine condition for years and I was never allowed to touch them. But looking back to what I thought was beautiful as a sixteen year old and what I think now – they are poles apart. I made some horrendous mistakes along the way so my list to my sixteen year old self, knowing what I know now about beauty is more of a guide on how not to be beautiful!

1.  Don’t ever smother yourself in baby oil and lie in the sun on tin foil (oh yes I did).

2.  Don’t think that one foundation suits all and if your mum tells you your face is orange, you should probably believe her rather than assuming there is something wrong with her sight and nothing wrong with your face colour.

3.  Be careful how much Sun-In you use. Your hair will never look gently high-lighted, it will look as though someone fell on your head with a bottle of Domestos.

4.  Black lipstick is a ‘look’, but not with school uniform.

5.  If you use your dad’s very expensive shaving oil on your legs, you can’t top it up with water to disguise the fact you’ve used half the bottle.

6.  Don’t dye half your hair orange and the other half black. Just don’t, okay.

7.  Don’t assume that masses of pink blusher in a vertical stripe from nose to ear makes you look ‘healthy’. It has actually the opposite effect.

8.  Don’t try making your own face mask from eggs, no matter what the teen mags tell you. It’s just a waste of a good egg.

9.  Get someone to show you how to use liquid wax under your arms or go to a salon. That way you won’t get the cloth strip totally stuck and have to try and melt it all with a hair-dryer to try and get it off and end up with a sticky arm-pit for a week. You also need to know that no amount of soap will bring that wax off; it needs oil.

10.              Don’t steal handfuls of your friend’s mum’s vastly expensive face cream every time you use their bathroom on a sleepover. You will end up being highly allergic to it and having to use lying skills you don’t really have yet. 

I hope you all enjoyed this. I know that I most certainly did! If you have no idea who British Beauty Blogger is then I suggest you find her lickety-split here.

I would just like to add a massively heart-felt THANK YOU SO MUCH to Jane from British Beauty Blogger for doing this for me!

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