Thursday, 19 July 2012


a gift-set box i converted into a cosmetics storage facility

a much reduced nail varnish collection

organised so that i can find what i need when i need it

my favorite ring on my favorite vintage perfume bottle with my favorite leopard print scarf

eye mask that i bought after watching 'breakfast at tiffany's' when i was a teenager

my clothes - sorted by color

dave's clothes - sorted by wherever he bothers to hang them

beautiful faux bronze lampshade i was given by a friend

the perfumes, sunglasses and jewelry box - with a tiny space for dave's scents

my obsession with perfume (and these aren't even half of the bottles...)

necklaces and bags

a plethora of cushions for the bed - and my hot water bottle

the collection of belts i've managed to gather over the years

i want this on my bedroom wall
image taken from facebook

I've been using my day off to finally de-clutter the bedroom and get rid of all of the products that I haven't used or have used and not liked. I've also got rid of any product that is over 6 months old that I would put on my face. That is why my cosmetics collection looks so sparse! I couldn't bare to take a picture of all of the products that are now residing in my wheelie-bin - it was hard work parting with them. Freud would have had a field day with me if he'd have watched.

This is what my bedroom looks like now I have ransacked it and finally organised myself. I refuse to have a CD player or TV in the bedroom (much to Dave's disgust with me) because I believe that bedrooms are for a very small range of things which do not include watching or listening to brain-draining stuff which can be easily be done on the sofa in the lounge for the hours before it's time to sleep.

This is my room for messing with my products, reading my beloved books and dreaming sweet lovely inspirational dreams. I like to keep the window open so there is a constant stream of fresh air into the room. I also keep my belongings artistically arranged on my furniture because I think it makes it look like a shop that I can have my free pick from when I'm choosing what to wear for the day or which look to paint onto my face.

The only thing that is lacking from my bedroom at the moment is the presence of a bunch of fresh flowers but that situation should be rectified tomorrow when I'm paid!

How do you keep your bedroom looking organised?


  1. Youve so much lovely stuff! and to answer the queston at the end...I dont-_- haha I need someone like you in my life to sort my room out! Its ridiculous, wish I had OCD. oh well :D


    1. Ha! It's taken me nearly three weeks to get around to doing it! Everything was literally spread out across the house! But thank you for saying my stuff is lovely :)

      Helen xxx


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