Saturday, 7 July 2012


I've seen a lot of YouTube videos floating about of bloggers showing what is in their handbags recently. I think it's really fun, especially if you're a little be nosy like I am! So I'm going to show you what is in my bag (I haven't got the confidence to put myself on YouTube yet but please watch this space for when I bite the bullet and finally do!).

So above is the bag that I am currently using. I know it looks a bit grubby and to be honest it is... White isn't the best colour for me when it comes to accessories as I tend to simply dump my bags anywhere (usually on the floor). This is wipe-clean though so if I needed to smarten it up then I can just use a face-wipe on it.

I was actually given this by my friend Lisa. She buys a new bag every two weeks so she is always off-loading her old ones. I'm not the type of person that likes second hand things but I know Lisa never used this and it simply collected dust in her house so I was happy to snap her hand off!

Right, let's get to the interesting bit and let you all see what I haul about with me on a daily basis...

I can't live without a diary. I have an iPhone that contains a pretty decent calendar but I prefer to write things down in the old-skool way! I use it to record absolutely everything from the bills that need to be paid to my driving lesson dates and prices.

At the moment I'm carrying Miss. Dior Cherie about. This is a massive bottle that Dave bought me back from the Duty Free when he was in America. I did have Hugo Boss Deep Red in there before this. I hate using body sprays and would rather take a perfume with me everywhere.

I'm not sure why I bother to have a purse when I should probably just get a card-wallet! I rarely carry cash unless it's because I've been for drinks somewhere. This is a River Island purse and I don't actually like it anymore. It was a gift from a friend at Christmas. I think I will have to go shopping and find something a little more suitable.

These always come in useful - you never know when you're going to need to wipe up something or when you're going to be stuck in a loo that has no toilet paper (I know it sounds horrible but it happens and anyway these are much softer than horrible coarse paper they put in public loos!).

My keys are so important. On here I have the keys to the pub I work at as well as my home keys. If I loose these I am in in the sh*t. I keep a lot of key-rings on them so they're easier to find and grab at the bottom of my bag.

This is self-explanatory. It freshens breath and keeps my smile a little whiter. 

So this is a little odd... Let me explain. When I was younger I was attacked whilst walking home. I know that carrying a weapon is illegal but I can't rely on simply spraying perfume in someone's face if they come towards me (plus that would be a waste) so I carry this. If the police ever asked I would simply say that I was lending it to a friend and I was on my way to give it to her. There is enough reasonable logic in that explanation to know they would have to let me continue about my day. You wouldn't believe how handy this comes in though, regardless of the self defense reason. I stir coffee with it when I haven't got a spoon handy, it fixes things in those moments when you can't find the tool box and you'd be surprised by the amount of men that give me approving looks when I pull it out. It's quite a talking point. I was going to buy a mini-hammer to go with it but then I thought again. I don't want to be hauling around too much stuff and I don't want to get in trouble if I get caught with them.

I'm carrying around 'Strawberry Shortcake' at the moment but I alternate with other glosses and lipsticks that I own. To see my full review of these Revlon lipbutters click here.

At the moment I'm in love with this Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Butter - it really does taste of Dark Chocolate and Peppermint! I think I've eaten half a tube since I bought this on Wednesday! I will do a post about my favourite lip balms soon. I alternate my lip balms too. I can't stay faithful to one lip product at the moment!

A pen always comes in extremely useful - especially as no one I know carries one themselves!

I didn't win on this one (sad face). I like to have a bit of a gamble every now and again so rather than spend on the National Lottery where I have next to no chance of winning I will occasionally treat myself to a scratch card. The prizes may be smaller but there is more chance of winning. Also I like that I can get my prize instantly (I'm so impatient!).

My brothers Tom and Jamie clubbed together to buy me this for Christmas three years ago. It's become a little redundant recently because of my iPhone 4S which does absolutely everything but I keep it with me anyway just in case my iPhone dies in the middle of a good song (it's happened!). 

So that is what is currently in my bag at the moment. I don't really carry enough make-up with me I suppose but I think that if you do your make-up properly the first time round then surely there is no need for loads of products to have to come with you everywhere? Maybe that's just me though! I used to carry my foundation everywhere but I never used it and it was simply taking up room! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and are all having a good weekend so far!

What do you carry in your handbag?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!

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