Thursday, 26 July 2012


nude magique bb cream and lumi magique pure light primer

lumi magique pure light primer (white) and nude magique bb cream (grey)

lumi magique and nude magique mixed together on the skin

I like to think that I'm fashionably late to the party when it comes to the latest L'Oreal offerings. I must have read every single review on these products. I weighed up the pros and cons that I read and took a punt on trying these products for myself anyway.

The packaging for both is quite simple and elegant which looks very good on the dressing table. There is no scent to either product. They're not amazingly cheap but at the moment they're on a buy-one-get-one-half-price in Boots so I saved myself about £5 which on my current budget is quite a good thing.

My skin is the combination type and so I've used this almost exclusively on my oily T-zone area as I worry about my make-up slipping off in this area. There is nothing worse than a warm day and a face of slipped cosmetics. It gives a lovely luminous finish. A little goes a very long way though because if it's applied with a very heavy hand I just end up looking like I have a radioactive face. 

I highly recommend this product and will no doubt repurchase it. I can imagine it looks great on all skin tones too and the great thing about it is that it doubles as a subtle highlighter so if I don't want to use it on entire face I can simply highlight the areas I want to attract the light to.

I've been using the Maybelline BB Cream since it first launched and now that it's nearly at the end of the tube I thought I would branch out and see what else is in the market. L'Oreal have always had a decent reputation so I imagined that their offering in the world of blemish balms would be rather interesting. I never swatched this product in the shop so when I got it home and discovered it was a light grey color I was rather anxious. It's also got a very grainy consistency, like a soft facial exfoliator, and it felt quite rough on my skin at first. 

It has smart pigmentation which means that it adapts to my skin and evens out blotches and blemishes. Big blemishes do require concealer as an extra but for skin that isn't breaking out there is great coverage. Again a little goes a long way which is value for money. I personally apply this with a brush as I heard in reviews that if this product is applied with fingers it gives it an orange tinge. I will think about repurchasing this but if I find something else that perfects my skin even more I will purchase that instead.

Have you tried these products?
What do you think of them?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!

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  1. I bought the BB Cream a few months back and applied it with my fingers. The end result was a very very orange face. I was disappointed, especially as I usually love l'oreal products and it was cheep. I do still have this liking about somewhere so I may try applying it with a brush as you have.


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