Tuesday, 17 July 2012


This post came from a strange source of inspiration - blokes. I know, it sounds strange, right? But for my day job I have to make conversation with a lot more men than women as it's usually men that frequent the pub throughout the day. The topic of mass conversation at the bar today was desert islands and what we would take with us if we could. Most of the men said they'd take a TV and a games console (until I pointed out that there would probably be nowhere to plug them in and was promptly called a 'kill joy'). One said shower gel. There were other suggestions banded about - mostly concerning beer and food - and then the subject was changed onto sport.

It got me to thinking though that if I could only choose a few items to take with me to a desert island what would I take? As this is predominantly a beauty blog I based my choices around my products and voila - a post is born.

So here are my 'top five' products that I probably wouldn't be able to live without...

I discovered Monu through my Glossybox subscription. I was actually sent a body lotion but found a stockist near to where I live and picked up these wipes instead. They smell lovely, cleanse thoroughly and make my skin feel really soft. They're not cheap though - this box was something like £6.50 for 30 wipes which isn't very budget-friendly but I think that they're worth every penny.

I've already done a post on my obsession with lip balm which you can view here but if it came down to the crunch I would choose Vaseline as one of my desert island beauty items. It's the old faithful and the product that comes in handy for a lot of things other than just beauty.

I'm still in love with this mascara (for my full review of it view it here). I suppose that I'm being kind of sneaky here and almost smuggling in another item as it's two mascaras in one. It really does open up the eyes though and the more I use it the more I become hooked on it. I don't think I can use another mascara at the moment. It would feel as though I'm being unfaithful!

I knew I would include a lipstick in this selection but it was only when I reapplied this to my mouth at work that I realised it would be this make and shade that got picked. I love the nude color of this lipstick. As I have a naturally dark pink lip color I have found it difficult to find a shade that covers well and looks good at the same time. It's gorgeously matte and creamy with a high pigmentation. What's not to love?

At the moment I'm using the 'Fresh' scented Batiste but if I'm honest any of the range will do. I use this product a lot and I would be lost without it. I like to know that my hair smells and looks clean but there isn't always time to wash it so in between those periods when a shampoo isn't possible I freshen my hair with this. I adore it. I also like to look in the mirror when I have it in and see what I'm going to look like when I'm old (I imagine the wrinkles).

So that was my desert island top five products - the ones that I can't imagine being without. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and have a great Tuesday night!

What are the top five desert island products for you?
Would you take the same ones as me?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!

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