Tuesday, 26 June 2012


ray of light collection - rose gold plated ring with clear crystals
also available in hematite and grey crystal & silver with clear crystals
image taken from www.pilgrim.dk

I have been buying Pilgrim jewelry for years now as well as always being delighted when I receive pieces as as gifts. The brand is one of my favourites when it comes to dainty, feminine, wearable pieces that stand out against a backdrop of mediocre companies selling similar selections at bank-busting prices for half of the quality. I know from personal experience that this jewelry doesn't turn green, tarnish easily or disappoint by breaking easily. 

A Danish company founded in 1983, Pilgrim was started as a travelling stall that the founders flogged their designs on at markets, on street corners and in rock festival fields. Demand grew crazily fast though and now Pilgrim jewelry lines can be found in over 5000 stores across the globe, as well as online. I am privileged enough to have a stockist in my home town.

Every single item is handmade. A guarantee of quality is what keeps this brand special - absolutely every necklace, bracelet, ring and earring is plated with sterling silver or 16 carat gold with the odd exception made for hematite.

Collections are seasonal but not in the fashion sense - spring, summer, autumn and winter sees customers exploring new collections. There is always something new to peruse, enjoy and own your purse for which is obviously fantastic news for accessories lovers.

As I write this the Summer '12 collections are currently at large. I've picked out the following bits and bobs that will have me reaching for my purse on pay-day.

summer celebration collection - gold plated necklace
also available in silver and white & silver and turquoise
image taken from www.pilgrim.dk

dreams collection - silver plated multi-coloured bracelet
also available in gold plated multi-coloured
image taken from www.pilgrim.dk

I already own a piece from this season's collection which I bought as soon as I saw it. The sales woman didn't have to take much to convince me of it's beauty.

precious delight necklace in hematite and pink

These are a couple of the pairs of Pilgrim earrings that I have picked up over the years. I think these are gorgeous. I have so many more pairs though - the brand's plain studs are beautiful too. They're simple and classy and come in various sizes.

Here is the necklace that Rach bought me for my 18th Birthday. It still looks the same way it did when I opened it five years ago which just goes to show how good the quality of this jewellery is! I don't wear it very often but this necklace is one of the most special things I own so it resides very securely in a locked box. I have the earrings to match too.

Here are some of the two of the ten other necklaces that I have from Pilgrim as well. The pink necklace isn't my usual style but as it was a gift from my youngest brother Ryan when he was little (he saved his pocket money up to buy it for me - bless him!) I wear it from time. It's very pretty. The gold was another gift from Rach and I wear it all of the time at the moment. Its simple and classy and goes with almost everything.

And so my love affair with Pilgrim continues. If you think that these pieces are just as beautiful as I do why not check out the main UK stockist here. It also appears that this site is having a sale too so quick! Get the credit card out!

Do you own anything by Pilgrim? What do you think of my choices?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!

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