Friday, 20 July 2012


I'm not sure entirely how I stumbled across this website, I think I must have read it on a blog, but I am so glad that I did. What's In My Handbag? is a site that allows you, once signed up, to test samples for... wait for it... FREE! It also allows the super nosy (like moi) to have a look at what is in beauty industry insiders' bags too. I don't know about you but I tend to think that if someone in beauty publishing or a make-up artist is carrying a certain product then it simply has to be good.

Signing up is really simple - I used Facebook to sign up so there aren't so many random passwords to remember. There's a set up for a email/password sign up though just in case you don't want everything you try/want published to your wall.

Each week there is a different sample to try and registered users simply click on the 'try' button, click a few more things, and wait to see if it's sent to them (you know that you're receiving a product if you're emailed about it being dispatched). Whether you receive a sample or not is based on the beauty profile you build on the site and although WIMH try to send out as many samples as possible, as with most samples in the beauty industry, there are only so many available. 

You can also upload a picture of the contents of your bag too and tag the products you own and use regularly for other users to have a nosy at (I'm still yet to do this but it's on my 'to do' list). The 'Beauty Cabinet' feature is also very good as it allows you to click on tagged items in other people's bags for either a 'Have' list or a 'Want' list. The 'Want' list will direct you to the shops that stock those wanted items so that you can purchase easily without having to peruse several websites.

My first sample arrived this morning. It was a fast delivery from when I received the email and arrived in a black box, stuffed with padding and tissue paper. I received the 'Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator SPF 8'. Its a 15ml sample which is more than sufficient for at least three applications as the lotion is quite thick but spreads very evenly. It smells - and I'm going to stick my neck out here - like lemongrass and geranium. I'm saying that because I have a soap that smells just like it made from these two ingredients. It absorbs easily but does look a tiny bit greasy whilst it's sinking in. It made my skin feel softer and look healthier instantly but I will obviously have to wait to see what the product does over the long term. 

It's RRP is £42 which is scarily expensive for my current budget but I do use Estee Lauder's DayWear Moisturiser usually which retails at £39. Maybe I could stretch to £3 more when my current pot runs out for Elemental instead? We'll have to see.

For now though I highly recommend getting yourself registered with Whats In My Handbag? because I know everyone loves samples and whats better than having high end beauty and cosmetics samples for free?

Are you registered with What's In My Handbag?
Have you ever used Elemental Herbology products before?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!


  1. I got this sample this morning too! My first from WIMH and I'm so excited to use it. I'm going to try using it every morning too, we'll see if it makes a difference...

    -Olivia xxx

    1. Yeah this was my first sample too! I really like it the more that I have worn it today but like you say using it every morning will probably be better as a test of it... I hope you had a good time away anyway!

      Helen xxx

    2. I had an amazing time away! We went out into the city nearly every day, I got to dress up all 50s style in a dress that Raj bought me and we had an amazing meal at a Thai restaurant called Chaopraya where we had the tastiest asian food I think I've ever had.
      My mouth's watering just thinking about it!

      I hope you've had a good week, now I have your posts to catch up on!

      -Olivia xxx


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