Sunday, 22 July 2012


17 'instant glow' boots competition prizes

17 'instant glow' products: pink bronze shimmer brick, bronzing powder for face and body, pink bronze bronzing rocks

pink bronze shimmer brick swatches

bronzing powder for face and body swatches

pink bronze bronzing rocks swatches

I won these 17 Instant Glow bronzing products from entering a competition in the Boot's Health & Beauty Magazine. I couldn't even remember entering it until I received an email to say that I'd won so I obviously wasn't that hung up on winning in the first place... Now I have the products in my hands though I'm glad that I entered.

All of the products contain glitter which is why the swatches look so shimmery. They're excellent for summer especially if you want to look glowing without the added 'tangoed' effect that some bronzers give. I will probably use the Pink Bronze Shimmer Brick as eye shadow more than a blush or bronzer because the colors are softer than the other two products.

The Bronzing Powder for Face and Body is not something that I would have normally picked up for myself as, like I've documented before, I really have no regard for tanning or whole body bronzing. This is very much a color that comes across to me as orange in it's pigmentation. I wasn't overly impressed but combined with my normal face powder it actually came off lighter and more wearable and is a product I would consider for using when I try to contour my face or decolletage. The design of the product is very

I really like the Pink Bronze Bronzing Balls a lot. I like how they can be separated into two different colors or used together which is great for producing different looks. The pigmentation is fairly dark which means that a heavy hand is your foe when playing with these but they do make excellent blushes.

Over all I'm very impressed with these and would recommend them to anyone interested in bronzing powders. I won't use them unless it's summer but for a competition prize I am pleased I won them. It's always good to try things that I wouldn't normally bother with and these simply reiterate that point.

Do you own any of these products?
What do you think of 17 as a brand?
Let me know - all comments loved and appreciated!

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