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At the Birmingham Lancome Event I was very lucky to receive some samples when I purchased the Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover. One of those samples was the Hypnose Star Mascara, the latest mascara release from the brand and a product that's become a firm favourite among YouTubers and Bloggers with a little cash to splash on their lashes.

The actual packaging is similar to the other Lancome mascaras - all curved and sleek black. The Hypnose Star has a beautiful silver glitter embellishment though and it just looks so pretty.


Lancome suggests using the mascara this way:

Start the mascara application by gently pressing the flat part of the brush onto the roots of the upper lashes, to release some product and define the eyes. Then turn the brush to use the side with longer bristles and then glide it from the roots to the tips in a zigzag movement to ensure the texture is spread evenly. Use as much mascara as is needed to thicken and taper the lashes. 

The wand is flat and tapered to a point which makes it really easy to add volume right at the roots of the lashes and also to coat those small lashes at the inner corners of the eye. Following the instructions above was a good way of applying this mascara to give the best results possible. I find the formula similar to the Hypnose Drama that I recently reviewed - volumising more than lengthening - except this does flake slightly after a day's wear and I think it can be really clumpy if you're not careful in application. It truly is a black shade and it coats lashes very well to make them really stand out from the rest of your face. It's not waterproof so it's easy to remove as well.

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara is available from Lancome counters across the world as well as online. RRP: £22.00

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  1. Wow, this mascara looks amazing!


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