Sunday, 19 May 2013



I bought the Lancôme Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Eye Makeup Remover on a whim when I was attending the Birmingham Lancôme Event at the beginning of the month after seeing how easily it removed Benefit's 'They're Real' Mascara (which as any wearer of this mascara knows is a completely pain in the arse to remove). For me this one of the brand's stand out products as not only does it do the job it's supposed to do it's actually one of the products I think is worth the money I paid for it (doesn't happen particularly often I can assure you).

It's made up of two layers: water and lipids. Once shaken together these two layers combine to make the product that, with three or four large drops on a cotton pad, lifts even the most waterproof and stubborn of eye makeup.

I take my cotton pad and press it against my eye for ten seconds. This allows the product to really soak onto the eye and lift the makeup I want to take away whilst also getting into the lashes making mascara easy to wipe clean too. The result is a clean eye that doesn't need to be tugged at or rubbed rough. It leaves only the slightest of greasy residues behind but as I use this before cleansing I'm washing that residue away in the next step of my routine so it's not a real issue for me anyway. On the go, if you want to use this, I would suggest keeping a tissue or similar to hand just to make sure that the residue is definitely wiped off. If you accidentally get this in your eye it doesn't sting and in general it doesn't make them sensitive either.

I know that it seems a lot of money for a make-up remover but if it's a product that delivers in the way that this one does then I'm happy to keep paying for it over and over again. If you try it then I sincerely doubt you'll go back to using anything else - I know that I won't. Holy Grail status? Possibly.

Lancôme Bi-Facil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is available from Lancôme counters across the UK and online. RRP: £21.00.


  1. I love two-part make up removers, Clinique have one and Clarins aswell. So I've always thought it was worth spending money on too. But the other day I found one that Nivea do for £2, and I've just started using it and it's really good!
    (not sure if that link will work)

    But give it a go once your Lancome one runs out! See how they compare


  2. This sounds great! :)

    Kelly xo

  3. I have been considering giving this a go, I have debated about how much is too much to spend on make up remover, but I'm inclined to think if I'm going to pay high end prices for make up, maybe I should be for the remover too!

    Ash :-)


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