Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Hey Its OK

To stare aimlessly out of the window when writing a product review hoping for inspiration. It will never come. There are only so many whimiscal words you can use when describing a cleanser.

To become slightly annoyed when you ask someone what lipstick they're wearing and they don't know.

To speak to your plants when you're the only one in the house. Talking to the cats is passe now.

To hoard all of your shopping bags in the hopes that one day you will return and get an even bigger bag.

To leave your boyfriends laundry on the line even when it's raining. He's only going to get them dirty at work anyway...

To think when interior designers harp on about texture that they just mean adding more fluffy cushions to the bed.

To think when you've got a slight tan that you're actually just dirty. You never tan. How can this be?

To ramble excitedly at anyone that asks about your makeup collection.

To wish you could rock any kind of hat in the summer.


  1. My friend asked me whats the best concealer. I ranted for about an hour on the different forms, the different brands, both high and low end. If she wanted if for under eyes, or blemishes? In the end she looked at me and said "How do you remember all of this, and then forget something on a class test?" haha


  2. I love this!
    How super cute.
    Totally wish I could rock any hat!

    Kelly ||


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