Monday, 13 May 2013



If you've followed this blog or my YouTube for any length of time you'll know of my soft spot for Herbal Essences Intensive Masks. The latest range to be bought out by the mega popular hair care brand is the 'Bee Strong' collection of products that features a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in strengthening spray and this intensive conditioner. When I first picked it up to have a closer look at the one thing that I noticed first and foremost was the scent: sweet and so good. It isn't a fabricated sweet smell like the kind Aussie pollute their products with - it's subtle, like honey and apricots (also part of the ingredients) and I really love it.

I tried this product straight away as soon as I got home after purchasing and the next day I went out to purchase another tub. I've never ever done that before - and it says a lot for the product.

It's a thick consistency that applies really easily to the hair with only a few finger tips worth (if that makes sense? I can't think of a better way to describe it). It only needs to be left on for three to five minutes but me being me (and I never follow the instructions properly) I leave it on for a lot longer. Afterwards I dry and style my hair as normal. This product really does scent the hair to leave it smelling just as good as the actual conditioner in the tub, leaves it ridiculously shiny and super soft. As for strengthening - I've noticed that the fuzzy bits at the ends of my hair that usually become split ends after a few weeks of being overdue for a hairdresser's appointment have been subdued slightly. They're sleeker and less visible than before. I'm not sure how much it's strengthened my hair but I love this product for the instant hit of soft smoothness and the scent so I'd use it regardless of the strengthening properties.

Do I recommend? Well, this isn't going to tick all the boxes for all of the readers of this blog but I personally really really rate it. I think for an instant hit of shine and softness and scent then this is definitely one product to keep an eye out for! It gives my hair such a great pick-me-up and that's something that I really need sometimes.

Herbal Essences Be Strong range is available from a wide range of stockists across the UK. More information about all of their products can be found on the Herbal Essences website but if you have a direct question you can tweet them at @_HerbalEssences.


  1. I've used the red one before and it makes your hair smell lovely!! xx

  2. thats good that it works x


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