Friday, 3 May 2013


PicMonkey Collage

To be petrified by the fact you and your mother-in-law have a lot in common. To clarify: bloke-chose-a-younger-version-of-his-mother kind of common.

To really not rate the Trousersnake's new album.

And on that note, to still refer to Justin Timberlake as Trosusersnake...

And continuing on the same theme, to be a little grossed out by the fact your youngest brother will slightly resemble the Trousersnake when he comes through puberty.

To be caught by the postman trying to 'shake your booty' properly in front of an Akon video.

To annoy the hell out everyone on Twitter for one day a month with your constant tweeting.

To let the tea bags run out but all hell will rise up should the coffee granules do the same thing.

To promise yourself that you'll abstain from spending and then decide that sale items/offers and discounts don't count as 'spending'.

To know that by this point in the year you have definitely broken all of your New Year's Resolutions... and you don't feel disappointed with yourself at all.

To want to take a firm stance with Cadbury: sweets or chocolate people - NOT both mixed into one bar. Wrong.

To make up random hashtags for Instagram photos - #cluckcluck is my current favourite.


  1. Love the first one! I feel like that sometimes xx

  2. I agree with so much of this :) This is a great little series of posts btw!

  3. TROUSERSNAKE! I forgot that's what we all called him back in the day! Oh the memories just came flooding back :P And what on earth is this chocolate witchcraft? I feel I have to try it out, y'know, just to disapprove of the abomination of chocolate-sweet Human Centipede-esque hybrid... xxx

  4. Love it, hahahaa. But I have to admit that I love that chocolate, it's so good!!


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