Tuesday, 28 May 2013



Nobody could have failed to notice that this latest beauty product has been doing the rounds on the blogosphere recently - if only for funny Instagram photos. In all honesty when I came downstairs wearing these Dave just howled with laughter at me and a reference to Star Trek that I didn't quite understand was made - see how much I suffer to try and look decent for him?

Firstly I found the whole experience weird. I've never used products like this before and I suppose the texture of them put me off slightly - they feel like a cold jelly which, when squidged up against the eye area, isn't uncomfortable but isn't pleasant (at least for me anyway). The cooling effect was lovely after my initial hatred of application but I didn't find they 'stuck' in position particularly well and if I bent over then I would find them slipping down my cheek or falling off altogether. 30 minutes later I couldn't actually wait to remove them as they were, to be honest, doing my head in.

Containing mineral gold and plant extracts these oddities are alleged to have properties that reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles as well as tightening the eye area to smooth fine lines.

Luxurious they may sound but I'm not buying it. I didn't really notice any difference in my eye area save the reduction of puffiness and that may well have been down to the fact that my puffiness tends to go within the first hour of me waking up anyway. As for tightening and smoothing the area - nope, I can't say that was obvious either. Maybe I'm being too harsh and after prolonged use these really do work wonders? It was an interesting sample to try but I wouldn't waste my pennies on them so I'll skip the recommendation.


  1. I've never actually seen these in use before! But it's a shame that you couldn't notice a difference x


  2. I've never tried these so I don't really know how they work.


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