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If you watch my YouTube channel then you may remember me reviewing the infamous eBay Blush Palette on there. It wasn't the best video in the world and I may have come across as a little bit clueless (I was) but here is the long promised written blog review that I threatened to post in that video.

This palette is much scrutinized in the world of bloggers. Some people won't touch it because of the stigma attached to eBay and buying cosmetics on there that are either fake or full of nasty chemicals. This palette was a gamble for me and it took 3 months to make it's way from China to my hands. It cost me 99p plus a few pounds postage and packaging so I estimate it was £4 - which for a palette of ten powder blushes is a bargain by anyone's standards. I'm aware that the price of it has since risen, which is understandable as it's become very popular and the sellers obviously want to seize the opportunity to make some profit. This palette is essentially a rip-off of the Coastal Scents Blush Palette that's really popular in America.

As for the actual product - the packaging is sturdy enough if not spectacular. It gets dirty easily, having the kind of matte finish that attracts and keeps mucky finger prints. The pans the blushes are in aren't deep but they're reasonably big in circumference so there is plenty of room to get a blush brush in and sweep about. The colours themselves aren't what I would consider traditional blush colours. Apart from the few pinks they're very much coral and orange orientated with some of the blushes probably fairing better as highlight colours. There are some shimmery and some matte shades so there's a good mix of finishes. They're not particularly pigmented but they are blendable and buildable which means there's no fear of looking clownish. There is a tendency for the very bright colours, particularly the hot pink, to look slightly chalky but it's nothing I can't live with.

I think this would make a great palette for teens just starting to get into makeup or those of us that have really pale skin because the colours would show up far better on the English Roses among us. Personally I don't reach for it that often but I have so many blushes I admit it gets forgotten when it's nestled in my stash. Still, for 99p I can't complain about it.

I bought this Blush Palette from this eBay seller. Prices will vary (currently it's £9.20 - bit of a difference from 99p!) and if you order be prepared for a long shipping time but postage and packaging is currently free.

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