Friday, 5 July 2013


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It was time to give my beloved Real Techniques Buffing Brush a well earned rest. I was abusing it and never really having time to give it a proper clean before using it for my base makeup again. So, to take the weight off the Buffing Brush I bought the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush as an impulse purchase a couple of weeks ago. 

Ridiculously soft bristles, slightly tapered and domed, make applying a liquid base a pleasure. The finish is absolutely flawless.

I use this brush in much the same way that I use the buffing brush - in light circular motions to gently place the foundation on the skin whilst making it look natural instead of painted on. As its slightly domed the ability to get under my eyes and around my nose - all the places that required extra care and attention with the buffing brush - are now simple to do and no product build-up is left. It's definitely my new favourite face brush.
The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is sold in Boots stores across the UK as well as through Boots Online. RRP £9.99. 

You can follow Real Techniques via Twitter and Facebook for news about the brand as well as product launches. The Real Techniques website also contains information on how to use brushes, makeup tutorials and other useful tips and tricks. 


  1. after reading your review, i need this brush in my life! Waiting for them to go on 3 for 2 ;) x

  2. Eeee I really want this! Fan review Helen! Xx

    Danniella Josephine

  3. I want this too. I love the buffing brush but heard such good things about this one xx

  4. Thanks for the review, gives me better insight of the brushes!

  5. I do need these in my life right? xx


  6. Yay, Real Technique! The "unbreakable brush"

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord


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