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Apivita are renowned for four things: making the most use of the biodiversity and nature of Greece (the brand's country of origin); their muse of choice is the honey bee, not only the skincare benefits honey can provide but also because of the way in which the honey bee distinguishes itself from other bugs by creating a society of balance and harmony within it's colonies; they also follow a holistic approach to all of their products which is inspired by one of the most famous of Greeks, Hippocrates; and finally, their products are brilliant.

Apivita is not a new brand to me. I've already bought, tried and adored their Apivita Body Energy Energizing Body Milk with Orange and Ginger (a product I will repurchase over and over again) and a couple of the Apivita Express Beauty Face Masks, most notably the Apivita Express Beauty with Red Wine Face Mask. The wonderful thing about the Express Beauty sachets that I'm sure every blogger and their beauty stash has heard of right now is that they're small, easy to use - albeit a little messy on occasion - and convenient. But what happens when you fall in love with the product inside the sachet? When it comes to wanting to use something regularly the Express Beauty sachets simply aren't, well, enough.

Luckily for me (and all others like me) Apivita are now doing tubes of our favourite products: more cost effective, less mess and brilliantly easy to reach for whenever I need an Apivita product to hand.

The first Apivita product I've had the pleasure of using is this Apivita Face Scrub with Olive. The packaging is typically Apivita, almost medicinal looking but it looks great in the bathroom and, perhaps importantly, unisex. Dave has even picked it up for closer inspection which he would never do with any other product and considered using it. What I really like about it is that it's a metal feel tube which will make it a lot easier to squeeze every last drop of it out when it comes to it's end.

I've been using it once a week, sometimes twice (when my skin has been really dry and getting patchy) and I genuinely rate it. I dampen my face with warm water before then using circular motions to buff my skin with the scrub. It's lightly citrus scented which is really pleasant and relaxing, and won't interfere with the sensitive skinned among the population. The white cream is thick but easy to manipulate around the face which turns the face completely opaque white when massaged across your skin properly. The beads in this scrub are not really beads at all - they're more like extremely fine grains of sand which are barely noticeable. 

Apivita don't just use water in this product. Instead they use green tea infused with the other ingredients (which include grape, apricot and lavender as well as olive) to deeply cleanse the skin and leave feel from impurities. Using this Face Scrub with Olive regularly has left my skin smooth and soft. I haven't found any blemishes have appeared because of it either which is something I'm very wary of when it comes to scrubs.

So, down to the nitty-gritty (if you'll forgive that scrub based pun) - would I recommend it? At the moment there is a bit of a boycott of scrubs, caused by Caroline Hiron's hype for exfoliating toners, but I personally have drifted back towards scrubs because they slough off dead skin cells like nothing else I've ever tried. So YES I would recommend it.

I genuinely love this Apivita Face Scrub with Olive - it's brilliant for my skin and really does make me look more radiant after I've used it.

I have a list as long as my arm of the Apivita products that I want to get my hands on. Do you have any recommendations for me? Which Apivita products will you be picking up in tube form?

Apivita Face Mask with Olive* RRP: £13.00, as well as all other products, is available from Marks and Spencer beauty halls and stores and the Marks and Spencer website in the UK. You can also purchase products directly from the Apivita website. For more information on all Apivita products visit the Apivita website. You can also follow Apivita on Twitter and Facebook for news, competitions and new product launches. 

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) reviewed in the post were sent to me by the brand for review purposes. All opinions expressed about the product are my own. I will never dishonestly review a product as I believe dishonest reviews lead to a lack of trust from my readership. The links on this post will not earn me any commission if you click on them. 


  1. This sounds really nice, I'm a frequent exfoliator! I never really look in Marks & Spencers for beauty stuff but I'll have to have a wee peak :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. This looks lovely! I really love a good exfoliator!


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