Tuesday, 19 February 2013


NYX_5_Colour_Shadow_The_Caribbean_Collection_ I_Dream_Of_Barbados_Palette (1)
NYX_5_Colour_Shadow_The_Caribbean_Collection_ I_Dream_Of_Barbados_Palette (2)
NYX_5_Colour_Shadow_The_Caribbean_Collection_ I_Dream_Of_Barbados_Palette (3)
NYX_5_Colour_Shadow_The_Caribbean_Collection_ I_Dream_Of_Barbados_Palette (4)
NYX_5_Colour_Shadow_The_Caribbean_Collection_ I_Dream_Of_Barbados_Palette (5)

I arrived home last week to an incredible surprise package from the ever lovely Ellie from Ellalogy who I sent a few samples to last year and she's been amazingly generous and sent me some lovely gifts in return. The first of them being this NYX palette that I was blown away by - thank you SO much Ellie! Let me explain.

I've never tried anything by NYX before but then I've never really sought any of the products out even though I have seen the brand raved about on the blogosphere for a long time now. 

NYX is a cosmetic brand that is now sold in 43 countries around the world at affordable drugstore prices (having cast my eye over the UK website the prices are in line with Rimmel and Maybelline). The name 'NYX' actually derives from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of the night as the product range is aimed at creating glamorous 'night out' looks more than anything. As well as catering for individual customers they also cater for college students and professional makeup artists - and offer discounts for industry insiders and trainees alike.

This 5 colour eyeshadow palette called 'I Dream Of Barbados' (who doesn't?) is a beautiful example of the quality that NYX has to offer. The packaging is sturdy, black and sleek. As this palette is from The Caribbean Collection there's a cute palm tree design on the front of it. It seems bash friendly and as it came all the way from the USA without being battered or bruised so obviously it travels pretty well! The pans are large and relatively deep so you do get a lot of product in it as well as two double ended sponge applicators. The mirror in the palette is also very large which is a bonus if you want to apply on the go. 

There's a tiny bit of fall out from the pan but nothing dramatic and the colour pay off is sublime. They're quite creamy for powder shadows - like the quality you'd expect from Urban Decay. 

Unfortunately the colours don't have individual names (I know - it doesn't really matter but I love it when shades have names...). That's the only downside for me. They're a dream otherwise: blend beautiful, very little if any fall out from the eye, last with or without a primer first and these five colours can be used to create some very different looks. They're all shimmer but they're subtle and not too glittery - which is perfect for someone like me who doesn't 'do' too much sparkle.

Thanks so much Ellie - I think I've fallen head over heels for this brand! 

The Caribbean Collection 'I Dream Of Barbados' Palette is available from the NYX website for £8.00.
You can also find NYX on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Wow, this brand looks great!!!

    Lorna x


  2. The colour payoff looks pretty good. Lovely spring colours esp the blue/ green and the pinks. Its super pretty

  3. I've never tried anything from nyx either. I've read many rave reviews on some of their products and I really want to try them.
    This palette looks gorgeous. I like how the colors are so different from each other. And the packaging is very sleek.

  4. Yay I am so happy this arrived safely, and I really enjoyed reading your blog post on it! I didn't know the history behind the name "NYX" - that is pretty cool! I am really impressed with NYX shadows... they're a fun and affordable way to try out different colors. I've heard good things about their lip cremes too!


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