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L'Oreal_Elvie_Extraordinary_Oil_For_Coloured_Hair (1)
L'Oreal_Elvie_Extraordinary_Oil_For_Coloured_Hair (3)
L'Oreal_Elvie_Extraordinary_Oil_For_Coloured_Hair (4)
L'Oreal_Elvie_Extraordinary_Oil_For_Coloured_Hair (2)

It's well documented on both YouTube and this little blog that I don't love hair oils. I always end up using them as pre-wash treatments, leaving them on my hair for about an hour before I wash and then cursing for 60 minutes about having a greasy face as they drip onto my forehead. Yup - such a sexy image...

I'd heard amazing things about L'Oreal Mythic Oil and thought, whilst browsing one day, I would get it for myself. I actually picked up the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil by mistake but at least it was the coloured hair version (something I need to take more care of is my colour). It was quite expensive so I really was taking a punt on it working for me. If not, it would simply be an expensive waste of money.

I told Islay that I'd bought it but didn't want my hair to look greasy - using it straight onto wet hair just made my hair look drenched in chip fat when it was dry. Using it when my hair was dry had the same effect - especially if used too near to the roots. She suggested that I used a bit when my hair is 80% blow-dried and then just as a finishing touch through the ends. I did as she suggested and now this is one product that I won't want to be without. So thanks Islay for that trick.

The packaging is a glass bottle with a good sized pump on top for hygienic dispensing of the product. The pump actually releases just enough product too so only a couple of pumps is enough for my entire head (and I have really thick hair so I assume that one would do for fine hair). 

The product is a light-weight, vaguely scented with a floral/coconut smell and smooths onto the hair easily. The "precious blend of six flower extracts" nourishes "for luminous colour and sumptuous softness" - all true amissions from L'Oreal as far as I've experienced. 

The shine that comes from my hair after every use really is the stuff of my haircare dreams.

It's not cheap - £9.99 for 100ml. This was one thing I was little dubious about initially. However, now that I know just how little I actually need every time I wash my hair, bearing in mind I wash my hair once every two or three days, I'm pretty sure that this one bottle will last me at least 6 months if not longer. 

If you haven't tried it then I highly recommend picking this product up as soon as possible. I really doubt I'll be able to live without it now.

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Normal and Coloured Hair is now on offer at Boots for £8.50 in store. I can't find it online on the Boots website. However Superdrug have it online at the full RRP of £9.99.


  1. I'm using it at the moment and am really impressed. Plus the bottle looks beautiful.Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  2. Thank you for linking me! I'm glad you're getting on with it- it sounds like this one smells amazing!! It will honest ly last you forever- I've had mine since October 2011 and I still have half left in the bottle and I think your one may be bigger than the mythic oil!


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