Wednesday, 27 February 2013


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I love highlighters and I love pink so a pink highlighter is going to be one of the most perfect products for me on the market.

Highlighters just finish my face off - I feel like I look healthier and simply prettier when I use them. I like to softly contour my face every day too so highlighters help in that respect and I think everyone should own at least one.

One of the most talked about and well known highlighters on the market is Benefit's Highbeam - a beautiful opalescent pink that blends to leave a soft reflection of light. Whilst wildly popular and stunning Highbeam is expensive. Coming in at £18.50 it's hardly the most budget friendly of products. Me Me Me are renowned for creating dupes of Benefit bestsellers so it's no surprise that they came up with their own version of this much loved highlighter.

Enter: Me Me Me Beat The Blues in 'Pearl Pink'. Almost an exact dupe for Benefit's Highbeam, and at a purse pleasing £5.50, Beat The Blues was something I couldn't resist picking up when I had the chance to.

The packaging is very similar to the full size version Benefit Highbeam (I'm using the small sample that came with my Realness of Concealness Mini Fake-It Kit) and the product is applied with the brush that's attached to the screw off top. The colour of the Me Me Me Beat The Blues is almost identical to it's high end muse but the formula is slightly more watery and takes a little longer to blend into the skin. Still, what's a little more blending in the grand scheme of your bank balance?

I would suggest keeping the product away from the eye area - it stings a little on the thinner tissue around that area (or maybe I'm just over sensitive?) but all in all if you love Highbeam but don't love the high price tag you make a trip to your nearest Me Me Me retailer and pick up this little beauty.

Me Me Me Beat The Blues in 'Pearl Pink' is available from the Me Me Me website and Superdrug stores. You can follow Me Me Me for product releases, competitions and information updates on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. I got the mememe highlighter in oyster gold which is the more goldy one, very similar to benefit sunbeam except less gold which is great against my pale skin!x

  2. They are very similar looking. Too mad the cheaper one stings when it gets too close to the eye- that's a little scary.

  3. Defintely have to give both of those a go!

  4. Cool, an exact dupe of Benefits. Will buy one of these days!


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