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Lierac_Masque_Confort_Creme_Onctueuse_Hydratante (1)
Lierac_Masque_Confort_Creme_Onctueuse_Hydratante (2)
Lierac_Masque_Confort_Creme_Onctueuse_Hydratante (5)
Lierac_Masque_Confort_Creme_Onctueuse_Hydratante (4)
Lierac_Masque_Confort_Creme_Onctueuse_Hydratante (6)

I picked this up during my trip to La Rosiere last week and I am very surprised by it. I've only been using it ten days but already I'm seeing some amazing results. I was originally hunting for a rich moisturiser - I'd taken a Korres miniature with me but because the cold was stripping my skin of every little bit of moisture it had in it and so that miniature was gone within only a couple of days. 

Knowing how renowned French skincare is I stalked the pharmacy in the nearby town with all the euros that I had left in my possession after buying the fabled Nuxe Reve de Miel which, in all honesty, wasn't a lot.

Founded in 1975 by Dr. Leon Cariel, Lierac specializes in the merge between scientific research and botanical expertise to rescue and restore the balance of skin to correct problems and blemishes using active plant extracts with the advanced knowledge in bio-technology. This creates a premium line of skincare that really works for your skin. 

Lierac is a company that dedicates time and effort into finding the solution to all skin care problems.

Lierac was in my price range and the packaging appealed as it was so vibrant and different to all of the greys and whites surrounding it (I'm such a sucker for a bright pink). It says 'Moisturising Rich Cream' on it so I assumed that was what it was and happily went on my way. Its actually a face mask.

Akin to the Origins Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask, except you don't necessarily use it overnight, the instructions say you smooth a generous layer over the skin, allow it to sit there for 10-15 minutes whilst the skin absorbs it and then you remove the excess with a cotton pad. 

There is no need to wash it off afterwards and there is no need to rub it in either. I've tried it this way, the 'right way' but have decided that I don't like having my hair caught in it and when that isn't happening I don't like having my face feel so heavy.

I use this as a moisturiser instead.

I started using it like this after simply slapping it on after hobbling about the slopes. Then when my dad's girlfriend started complaining that her skin was really dry (to be honest it was red raw and wind-chapped which probably wasn't doing her any favors either) I relented from in my wariness of her (only natural) and suggested she try this cream instead of her Simple moisturiser. She loved it and it literally cleared up her cheeks and chin within an hour of application.

The results I've seen in my skin in a short amount of time have been fabulous. The reasonably thick cream has left my skin is really hydrated, soft and it smells sensational (that will be the rose and cherry flower extracts at work). With Shea Butter and Apricot Oil my skin is smooth and the pink clay extracts draw out any impurities before they have time to mainfest themselves as blemishes.

First thing in the morning when I use this, after leaving it five minutes to sink in, my make-up applies so easily and evenly it's unbelievable. Then last thing at night, when I simply want my skin to drink in some moisture, it stays supple from the moment I apply it to right up until the next morning.

My skin is combination to dry during the winter months and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has a similar skin type to me or completely dry skin. I'm not sure it would do anyone with oily skin any favors unless it was used as intended: as a face mask.

I looked at all of the usual online websites but although they all sell Lierac they don't sell this particular product. I did however find it on Natural Herbs Market for £15.77 - cheaper than the 24.50euros that I had to pay. If you come across it then please pick it up - you won't be left disappointed.

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