Thursday, 16 January 2014


This Works is one of those brands I've been eager to get around to trying for a while now but somehow never have. They have a cult following for several products; one of which is their Sleep Balm. I'm lucky that I have amazing friends and, this Christmas, Islay presented me with this This Works Dream Believers set as a gift which I was over the moon about. I do tend to have some issues when it comes to my sleeping patterns. I go through phases of sleeping almost constantly - lying in until the afternoon on days off and sleeping during the day (I call them 'Nana Naps') when I'm working - before going into phases of not sleeping at all or surviving on 4-5 hours sleep a night. 
This set contains two products from the Deep Sleep range: Sleep Balm and Dream Cream. The packaging is plain but inconspicuous. As they're not moving from my bedroom I can't say what they're like to travel with but I imagine the balm pot wouldn't be an issue to take on holiday. It's no bigger than a lip balm so would fit into any luggage easily.
To try and get into a routine for better sleep I've been incorporating these products into my 'bed time' for the past week or so. The balm is hard but softens to a slightly oilier texture on touch and is therefore easy to apply to the pulse points (wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees if you sleep curled up like me) without being wasteful. It doesn't feel overly greasy either which is a bonus. The cream is more of a thin lotion consistency that sinks into skin fairly quickly and can be used all over the body or simply on the hands.
The scent is very akin to a lavender and citrus style mix. It's not fruity or fresh by any stretch of the imagination but there is definitely something to take the edge off the traditional lavender scent. It's a comforting scent that, once incorporated into a sleeping routine, is easy to use as a trigger for me to think 'Sleep time...' (did that make sense?). I do sleep better when I use this duo and I do think it helps me to get a deeper sleep as well. I'd definitely recommend it if you think it'll benefit you. 
A massive thank you to Islay for gifting this set to me - I really love using it. 
This Works Dream Believers Set (RRP £20.00) is currently on sale for £16.00 from the This Works website. You can follow This Works on Twitter and Facebook for news, new product launches, information, competitions and more.


  1. I'm glad you like this and that you think it works. I bought this and another set for my parents who are pretty skeptical but I'll tell them about your review and hopefully they will be more willing to try it. To be honest, I might use some as well!

    ~Hannah xx

  2. One of the most comprehensive reviews I have ever witnessed. It looks like as if sleep balm and deep sleep dream cream will surely going to work.


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