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Reflecting back on last year I feel as though 2013 was a massive pain in my ass. Whilst I have some cherished memories from the past 12 months, including (but not limited to) cementing friendships with other bloggers by finally meeting them face-to-face, the July London Meet-Up (which I'm still on a high from) and getting to know my niece properly, I didn't have a lot of luck when it came to employment, money or life in general. This wasn't helped by a few bouts of self-pity and the isolation I felt whilst I was going through some of the most testing times I've ever faced. So I'm welcoming 2014 with open arms and I know, I just know, this year is going to be my year. I'm finally in a good place when it comes to work and family. When it comes to other things... Well, what will be will be. 

Whilst it's recommended that people don't set resolutions because 54% of us won't keep to them past the first two weeks, I feel like I want to start the new year off with at least a few goals for the 365 days ahead of me. I've separated them into little groups and limited myself to three goals per group for the whole year. The more personal goals to do with my family and friends are being left out of this post because I want to keep them private. So, with that in mind, here are my resolutions for 2014.


1. I'm going to find a signature perfume that I love. I'm so fickle when it comes to scent - a bit of a 'perfume prostitute' really - so I really want to find one that I adore and will stick with. Queue a lot of sniffing testers and probably a whole lot of sneezing. Suggestions on where to start or which brand to think about are most welcome. I already have one I've fallen in love with that I think may be 'The One' from the reactions I've had from it but we'll see.

2. I'm going to sort the shape of my eyebrows out. My eyebrows are really uneven and whilst I can disguise this with some powder, concealer and a good eyebrow pencil I really do need to get them shaped properly so it's not as much of a faff in the mornings. I tried to get them shaped before Christmas but I apparently hired the brow-bandit instead of a beautician so I've got to grow them back first.

3. I'm going to make sure that I moisturise my body every single day. I go through phases where I moisturise my whole body for days on end and then don't bother for a week. It's simply sheer idleness that causes this routine and I always feel so much better and happier with myself when I'm slathered on a gorgeous body butter. Time to stop being so lazy!


1. I'm going to spend a decent amount of money on clothes this year. I usually gravitate towards accessories and basics because I find that basics are never 'out' and accessories are always flattering. I also spend more money on beauty than I do on clothes per month which is all well and good but, having realised I only have one jumper I like (and it's winter so that's a lot of wear time for that one item), I really do need to invest in my wardrobe a little more.

2. I'm going to wear more dresses. I've said it before and here it is again: I live in jeans. I have been pushing my boundaries and wearing a skirt or two here and there but mostly I'm in ill fitting skinny jeans. I need to become a little more feminine in my tastes and less oh-that-will-do.

3. I will wear prints. I usually avoid prints because I feel like block colours are easier to wear and can translate between seasons. White and black are never 'out' of fashion. I want to challenge myself into wearing a print that is on trend and wear it without fear.


1. I'm going to pay off all of my debts this year. It's something I told myself I would do last year but never managed because both me and my boyfriend alternated between unemployment. I think it's high time my money worries were resolved and laid to rest. The sooner the better too. The sooner I'm out of debt the better my life will be.

2. I'm going to spend more time 'doing' rather than 'dreaming'. For most of 2013 I spent my evenings sat on the sofa perusing Twitter or reading blogs. It was a waste of time when I could have been up and out somewhere with someone enjoying doing something. Even if it's just a trip to the cinema on 2-for-1 Wednesdays or an evening stroll down to the lake near my home-town - even a morning coffee with a friend - I want to make sure I don't waste my life sat in my living room.

3. I'm going to travel the UK more. I love Birmingham and I love London but I feel like these are the only two places I ever go to apart from the surrounding areas of where I live. I can't remember the last time I went to Manchester (which is, oddly, closer to me than Birmingham is) and I've never been to Edinburgh or Newcastle. I want to explore those places. And as for outside the UK? If I can get a cheap trip to Paris sorted then that'll do nicely too.

Have you made any resolutions for the year? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. These are great resolutions and knowing you you will stick to them! Wish I could get into jeans again LOL!

    Danniella x |

    1. Haaa I hope so - but thank you for having that much confidence in me! I'll swap styles with you? xxx

  2. Sounds like lovely goals and I hope you accomplish them. I also like you put them in categories.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    1. Thanks Jackie - hopefully I'll keep them all! xxx

  3. I used to live in jeans and now I live in dresses. You should totally visit Edinburgh. I could come meet you. It would be awesome!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. You'll get a random tweet some day... Watch this space ;) xxx

  4. Happy New Year!
    These all seem like lovely resolutions!

    I am currently hosting a Valentines Box Swap UK & would love it if you could take a look and maybe take part too! (link)

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx //  Vote for me in the #UKBA14

    1. Happy New Year to you too! Hope the box swap goes well! xxx

  5. Fab list you have there... I look forward to finding out what your signature scent is x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I do too! Thank you - hopefully they'll all be easy to keep to! xxx

  6. I love your resolutions. Perfume wise may I suggest Diesel? I've got two of their perfumes and love them both. I like your resolution about travelling. I have said I want to make a few sightseeing trips this year, as much as I love London I need to get out there a bit


  7. After the weekly goals, I was expecting this post from you^^. I'd also like to splurge more on my closet stuff and get a neat look for an everyday basis. Because I do good on cleansing and moisturizing, but styling if a complete different thing, out of my comfort zone. I also like the goal of doing more rather than dreaming, I'll also try it. Have a nice year^^.


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