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Firstly - apologies for the lack of images in this post but as all of us bloggers are aware, the lack of natural light at this time of year is a killer for taking photographs. Or at least it is in my part of the world.

I first noticed the 'This One' hair range whilst browsing in Superdrug one afternoon at the start of December. I was after a new conditioning mask but couldn't make up my mind about which one to get until the striking purple packaging of this range caught my eye. It all happened to be on offer too for 'better than half price' so I picked up everything that was left on the shelf and justified my purchases with the immortal blogger words 'for review purposes...' The shampoo and conditioner were sold out so I was left with the styling products as well as the 'replenishing treatment'.

Firstly, this conditioner smells like sweet play-dough which, for my personal tastes, is off putting. However it's very thick, spreads through the hair easily and, when left to work it's magic for over 15 minutes, it does leave my hair feeling intensely hydrated. I wouldn't recommend it for fine hair though as it has a tendency to weigh hair down. I prefer other treatments over it but I wouldn't turn my nose up at it if it was my only option.

I've been using heat on my hair over the festive period so I tried to combat some of the damage I knew I was causing with this blow dry spray. To be honest I don't recommend it at all. Yes, it's cheap but I feel like it's cheap for a reason. It's not protecting at all and I've seen a marked difference in the quality of my hair from the start of the festive season to now. It's gone downhill. My hair is a lot more dry and brittle with straw ends in comparison to how it was after I finished my 'No Heat Hair Challenge'. I think if you're after a drugstore thermal protectant you'd be better off with the more established brands like V05 or Tresemme.

This is the one product from the range that I will definitely be picking up again in the future. After I've finished styling my hair I simply spray this all over in a light mist and I look like I've stepped out of a Hollywood salon. The shine looks incredible but natural. There aren't any glitter bits or 'sparkle' so don't be afraid of looking like you've just stepped out of the Year Seven disco again (remember those glitter cans? Memories...). It's lightly scented with something synthetically sweet but it's not overpowering and if you don't like the scent it doesn't linger for that long anyway. I genuinely think if you struggle with shine serums or oils then you will love this product.

I tend to think that drugstore dry shampoos are all one and the same and this one failed to wow me. It's white cast so if you have dark hair and don't brush it out properly you will be left with visible white areas. It soaks up excess oils very well but doesn't really do much else. I haven't noticed any extra volume although it did keep a french plait in place for a lot longer than I'm used to. Too little sprayed onto the hair does nothing, too much and hair feels gritty - and I am yet to find the middle ground. The scent is, again, the kind of sweet play-dough this brand seems to favour. All in all if you have a favourite dry shampoo already then I wouldn't recommend going out of your way for this one as it's nothing special. 

THIS ONE Hair Care Range is available from Superdrug stores and online, which currently has a 'better than half price' offer running on all products from the range. I couldn't find any social media platforms for the brand but as soon as I do I'll update this post.

Have you tried anything from This One?


  1. I love this brand and they are affordable too, i used the cleansing shampoo and i really liked, will need to check out the rest.

    Claire xx
    Claire does beauty

  2. I have to say the packaging gets a thumbs up from me even if the review isn't so good!
    Maybe the Shampoo and Conditioner are better? :)
    Elephant stories and more

  3. Thanks for the reviews, really honest and useful!

  4. We've actually never heard of this brand before. we've been on what seems like a never ending hunt for the perfect hair treatment. which hair treatments would you recommend for hydrating?


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