Tuesday, 1 October 2013



Seventeen isn't a brand I usually bother with. It's never appealed as I've always felt like it's aimed at tweens more than women my age. I do own a few of products from the brand but I rarely use them and I have thought about purchasing the odd lipstick but never have. It was only whilst on the hunt for a new under eye concealer that Seventeen caught my eye. 

I actually cringe when I think about the name of the product - I honestly hand-on-heart haven't actively thought/wrote/said the word 'Phwoar' in my entire life. You know when you just think words like that belong to the 80's and pervy old men in the pub on a Saturday night? That. 

Anyway, moving on...

The packaging is pretty simple: black, plastic, little information and that horrible name. Inside is a little mirror which would come in useful for being on the go. There's very little product in it though - the pan isn't particularly deep and I get the feeling that I'd have to repurchase it frequently if it became my go-to under eye concealer which I'm not sure it will. 

It only comes in two shades: fair and medium. If you're anything other than lightly tanned don't bother. The same goes for if you're really pale. The shade range really needs to be expanded.

The concealer is slightly orange in tone which is supposed to be good for correcting the ashy-blue tones commonly found under eyes but unfortunately it just shows up too much over foundation to be able to wear it as I normally wear my concealer in that area. It's also very matte and not brightening in the slightest. Under foundation it blends in better but has a tendency to crease and look cakey. The safest option when it comes to applying this product is to use it under foundation very minimally, making sure it's blended very well, and then to apply a more brightening concealer over the top of it. Perhaps it's more akin to the Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector that way but it's the only way that I can make it work for me personally. The texture is quite thick and if the product has been sat in a makeup bag for a while or it's been cold over night/first thing in the morning it can drag the eye area slightly until it warms up. It also clings to, and exacerbates, any dry patches around the eyes which is obviously not something I want to draw attention to.

Would I repurchase or recommend? I'm on the fence to be honest. It is a good product but it's hard to work with and that makes the lazy part of me reluctant to buy it again; because of the way that I use it it seems a little unnecessary as a step unless I've been really short on sleep.

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Heavy Duty Under Eye Concealer (RRP £5.49) is available from Seventeen counters in Boots stores and Boots online. You can follow Seventeen on Twitter for news, product launches, information and competitions.


  1. I have so far only seen one other review of this and they seemed to have the same sorts of opinion as you, I was thinking about buying it but im not sure now! I am also looking for a new under eye concealer which doesn't crease and I don't know what to get! Any recommendations? xxx

    1. Hi Isobel, I wouldn't waste the money on this. I really like the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch for under eyes - I've found it doesn't crease at all if it's blended and set properly and it really doesn't lighten up the eye area. It also has a better shade range than Seventeen too! xxx

  2. I've only just tried this for the first time today so haven't made a judgement yet, but sounds like there's a good chance I could be disappointed :s xx

    1. I wasn't overly impressed but it may work for you as obviously every product is different for everyone - let me know what you think! xxx


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