Tuesday, 1 October 2013



I don't know exactly what it was that drew me to this cleanser. I think I heard it mentioned in a YouTube video months ago or perhaps it was Twitter? I'm not sure but whilst having a voucher for £5 off when buying from the No7 skin care range it was this Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser that caught my eye.

I think it's safe to say the No7 range is predominately aimed at more mature skin types or, at least, anything above the teenage market. It's not the obvious choice when it comes to skin care and it tends to slip beneath the radar when it's put up against the likes of, for example, Origins or La Roche Posay. It's not fashionable like some brands can be (Soap and Glory, Una Brennan) and it's not hyped up when it comes to the blogging culture (Emma Hardie). It sits quietly on the shelves and waits to be discovered. I don't understand why because I think we're all missing a trick here.

This cleanser is simply gorgeous. It's one of the best cleansers I've come across in a long time. Granted, it took me a while to get used to it and make my mind up about it but now I adore it and I've already repurchased it.

The packaging is the usual plain, unoffensive (slightly boring) No7 fare: white, simple, plenty of information on the back - you know the drill. It's a squeezy tube that doesn't allow too much product out at once unless you really do put some force into your squeezing motion. The size of a ten pence piece is more than enough for my face. It smells subtly lovely: floral and sweet but not synthetic. I also detect a small hint of chocolate in there too (always a good thing in my mind). It starts off as a gel but when massaged into the skin it turns into an oil. Add water and it emulsifies into a milk. It feels luxurious, is thick but completely smooth and it's really easy to massage into the skin. Sometimes I cleanse and then repeat the process for the hell of it - even though my skin is already clean - because I love using this product so much. It's easy to remove with a hot flannel although I do use my toner to remove any residue the flannel might miss with a cotton wool pad if I'm in a rush.

I'm a little skeptical about it being able to pump my skin with nutrients because I think it's probably better to eat properly for that sort of thing. Still, it all helps if it does actually do that. The only thing I didn't like about it was that when I tried to remove my eye makeup with it it stung my eyes slightly. I have a separate eye makeup remover anyway so whilst it's adding an extra step to my routine by not being able to use this product over my eyes it's not a complete inconvenience. 

It's light enough to use in the morning but heavy enough to use in the evening. It cuts through makeup brilliantly whilst leaving skin feeling fresh, supple and smooth. It doesn't tighten or give a stripped feeling at all. 

I'm totally in love.

I highly recommend that you seek out this cleanser. It really is a bargain for the price. It's hypo-allergenic so even if my skin is being sensitive it won't irritate it. It says it's designed for normal-dry skin but having read reviews by people who've used it with oily skin the general consensus is that they enjoyed using it too and that it helped to regulate and control their oil. They do say that oil helps oil after all.

No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser (RRP £9.00) is available from Boots stores across the UK and Boots online. You can follow No7 on Twitter and Facebook for news, updates, product information and more. 


  1. This sounds lovely, I have a No7 voucher somewhere so I may seek this out next time I'm in Boots! My skin is on the oilier side but as you say, oil helps oil :) Great review, thank you!

    Jess xo

    1. You definitely should - it's my new favourite cleanser! Awww thank you - you're welcome! xxx


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