Tuesday, 1 October 2013



My love affair with all things The Body Shop seems to show no sign of abating. During a recent bout of purchasing from the website there was not only 40% off all products but also if you spent over £5 then you could choose a free gift. The free gift I choose was this Shea Body Butter.

I'm very much a body butter girl. I can't get enough of them at the moment. Especially with the colder weather rolling in and central heating leaving skin less than hydrated, body butters are now as much a staple part of my routine as putting on my underwear every day.
Shea butter is renowned for possessing multiple skin benefits including deep hydration and much needed vitamin E and A it also helps to heal eczema, smooth wrinkles and heal small wounds among other skin concerns.

The packaging is the usual twist off top from The Body Shop - I'm sure we've all seen them in reality at some point or another so I won't write reams about it. Housed inside is a smooth thick body butter that smells very subtly of nuts but when rubbed into the skin it really doesn't smell of anything at all making it perfect to layer with other products. 
It's quick to absorb, none greasy or oily and doesn't feel tacky.

It instantly hydrates my very dry skin and I can feel my skin still feels moisturised 10 hours later. I do slightly prefer the Spa Wisdom Africa Shea Butter and Sesame Oil Body Balm that I mentioned in my September Favourites because I feel like I can go a whole 24 hours without reapplying that. With this I feel like I should still reapply a thin layer before I go to bed. 
It's a great body butter and one I will repurchase time and again.

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter (RRP £13.00) is available from The Body Shop and The Body Shop online. You can follow The Body Shop on Twitter and Facebook for news, product launches, competitions and more. The Body Shop now also has a YouTube channel where you can watch for tips and tricks on how to use the products. 

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