Tuesday, 8 October 2013

HEY, IT'S OK #15



To be over excited about your impending birthday because it means you can finally have a (long over due) trip to the pub.

To have cravings for red velvet cake.

To still find Friends episodes funny when you've watched them 10 times over.

To clear out your books, give some of them to charity and then have the overwhelming urge to buy them all back from the charity shop you gave them to.

To get home from your first day at a new job and collapse. Who knew actual work was that hard?

To have cancelled a subscription to a magazine but keep buying it anyway. Pointless? For sure.

To not want to stroke the cat because it sheds everywhere when you do. The carpet used to be black and cream. Now it's just black.

To want to scream when you see the same advert over and over and over and over again on TV.

To be over excited at the prospect of both TOWIE and MIC starting again. Finally there are TV programs I want to watch!


  1. I love red velvet cake! no shame!


  2. I have just eaten a red velevt cupcake while burning Yankee Candles red velvet. Obsessed. Maybe.



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