Monday, 7 October 2013


I love red lipsticks and own quite a few. There's something very sexy about about a red lip that screams retro glamour, vamp and statement all in one go. They can be played down or dressed up. What's not to adore?
Apparently men love red lips because it reminds them of the colour of a woman's *ahem* parts when they get aroused. I'm not sure whether to believe that or not but I know I feel good when I wear red lipsticks and I tend to wear make-up for myself and no one else so post is a dedication to the five favourites from my collection I reach for the most. In no particular order...
Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 111 'Kiss Of Life' is the perfect neutral red in my opinion. It's not too orange toned and not too blue toned. It's perfectly balanced and being matte it stays put. I've worn this shopping as well as on a night out. It's a great all-round shade. It's got an even wear and it stains the lip too so it doesn't need reapplying too often. 
MUA Lipstick in Shade 1 is my latest purchase but it's possibly the most perfect dark vampy red I've ever seen and for only £1.00. It's got a soft formula which does mean it smudges easily during application but it's got great pigmentation and wears evenly.
Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in 'Rich Red' was my first ever high end lipstick purchase and even though I've broken the bullet I still use it a lot. Even though it's not a massive pigmentation level it's really hydrating and looks very classy.
Another recent addition was the Vivo Matte Lipstick in 'Pucker Red' which is very sheer in comparison to some of the other lipsticks I have here but that's what it makes it so wearable. I admit that of the five listed here it's probably the least used but I just love how buildable it is and how it gives a more 'bitten' look when applied softly.
I couldn't write this post without including the Rimmel Apocalips in 'Big Bang' which is technically a lip lacquer but out of all of my red lip products is definitely my most worn - and isn't a lacquer just a lipstick in liquid form if we're going to get technical? Regardless, it's a highly pigmented lip product with serious staying powder once it's dried down. I think this is slightly blue toned personally because my teeth seem to look really white when it's applied. 
What's your go-to red lipstick? Any recommendations for me?


  1. I love Rimmel Apocalips pigmented and stays on for ages.this is a lovely red though.thanks for sharing.:)

    1. I love them too - I really want to get all of the colours. Big Bang is definitely a fantastic red! xxx

  2. i have the kate moss for rimmel lipstick and the MUA ones and they're just so affordable and so great!


    1. They definitely are - I wasn't so sure about the Rimmel lipsticks to start with but the Kate Moss Matte ones are really good! xxx

  3. Great choices, that Estee Lauder one looks pretty :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. i am in love with the rimmel kate moss lipsticks! cheap, lovely texture and smells amazing haha xx

  5. Estee Lauder Rich Red is my go-to red as well! Been loving the Vivo, as you said it more buildable and 'bitten' look. Can never go wrong with a red lippie :)


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