Friday, 21 June 2013




I bought this product on a whim last year and I really regret buying it. BOOM - what a way to start a review, eh? Toni & Guy is a much loved and respected drugstore-affordable brand with salons up and down the UK. Their products are consistently good and they have a range to suit most people's hair types and needs. Still, I don't like or get on with this one and here's why...

For starters the nozzle doesn't spray a fine mist over a large part of the hair; instead it simply squirts a lot of product onto one patch of hair and soaks that instead. This doesn't lend itself well to an all over even look and left a crispy, dry, matted mess. Needless to say I wasn't impressed. The smell is really synthetic - almost like they've tried to mix the smell of the seaside with sun lotion and it's done this product no favors at all. It also made my scalp itch like I'd been plagued with nits - even when I'd been extra careful to avoid getting any of the product on my scalp to begin with. Nope - this just didn't work for me.

To give Toni & Guy some credit I think this product would actually work really well on long, fine hair where the texture is directed right at the ends and isn't going to get weighed down. Maybe my specific hair type just wasn't suited to this product and that's why it didn't work so well. Still, it's being resigned to the bin unfortunately.


  1. Ooh I haven’t come across this, but sounds great. Might have to go check it out now xx

  2. I'm in dire need of a salt spray. I want straight hair for prom I think, but don;t want it to be bland and boring, so texture should save the day. I was going to try a Toni and Guy one because they so well known, but I think I'll steer clear now! It doesn't sound like it'll suit my hair very well at all, like yours. Thank you, lovely! :)
    Mia xo

  3. This is exactly the same as one I have found from the high street, the nozzle makes it so difficult to work with :/


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